Houlton Pioneer Times 1857-1957

Centennial Edition, August 15, 1957


Aroostook Pioneer (December 1, 1857-December 31, 1932)

Aroostook Times (April 13, 1860- December 31, 1916)

Houlton Times (January 1, 1917 – December 31, 1932)


Adams, Cedric, K6 (photo)

Adams, Nell Bussey, K2 (photo)

Adams, Perley, J6 (photos)

Adams, Rena, K3 (photo)


Agriculture, K6

Alexander, Burpee, J1 (photo)

Anderson, Joseph, C8 (photo)

Andrews, Andrew L., A3 (photo)

Archibald, James P. (Justice), C2, E1 (photo)

Armstrong, Dorothy Porter, K3 (photo)

Aroostook County, A6 (Bill to Divide),

Aroostook County Court House, E1 (photos)

Aroostook County Jail, D6 (photo), D6 (photo),

Aroostook Free Bed and Aid Association, E7, K6

Aroostook General Hospital, K6

Aroostook Milling Company, J4 (Ad & photo)

Aroostook Pioneer, A6,

Aroostook Potato Products, Inc. (Starch), I7 (photo)

Aroostook Republican, J3 (Ad)

Aroostook Times, G2 (photo)

Astle, A. E. (Builder), K5 (Ad)

Atherton, Del, C8 (photo)

Atlantic Telegraph, A6

Automobile Show (1918), A6 (photo), C8 (photo)

Baker, Frank, K6 (photo)

Bamford, Ouida Ward, J4 (photo)

Bangor & Aroostook Railroad, B4, B5 (photo), I1 (photos)

Bangor Street, D2 (photo), H2 (photo)

Barnes, Anna, F6

Barnes, Charles P. (Justice), E1 (photo)

Barnes, Francis, J6 (photo)

Barnes, George B. (Rep.), C2

Baseball, Town Team of 1902, G6 (photo)

Baseball, State Champions 1897, G6 (photo)

Batchelder, Ben, K4 (photo)

Baulch, Harry H., C7 (photo)

Benn, Oscar P.,  C7 (photo)

Berry, Burpee, I6 (photo)

Berry, Harold “Bud”, I6 (photo)

Berry, Ralph L., I6 (photo)

Berry, Ralph L. Company, A6, I6 (photo)

Boston Shoe Store, J8 (photo)

Bijou Theatre, D6, I3

Bither, Roy A., A7 (photo)

Blethen, Frank (Jeweler), K5 (Ad)

Borderland Theatre, I3 (photo)

Boston Shoe Store, H7 (Ad), K5 (Ad)

Boutilier’s Florist, I6

Bowdoin Street School, D6

Bowman, Afton Stetson (death of), K7

B.P.W. Club, I8

Brewer, Judson B., (Building Mover), K5 (Ad)

Briggs, Chester L., I4 (photo), I5, K4

Brothers of the Brush, K1

Browne, J. A., F3 (photo)

Browne, J.A. Co., D5, F3 (photos), H6 (photo), K5 (Ad)

Bubar, Marjorie, K3 (photo)

Burke, Audrey Thompson, K3 (photo)

Burleigh Heights, D5 (Ad)

Burleigh, Albert A., B4, H8, I1 (photo)

Burleigh, Laurence E., D5

Burleigh Plan, H8, I1

Burnham Block, K6 (photo)

Businesses, H6 (photos), K4-K5

Button Engine, D5

Campbell, Percy H., A7 (photo)

Canadian Pacific Railroad, H1

Carnegie, Andrew, F5

Carpenter, Charles, J1 (photo)

Carpenter, Hector, K6 (photo)

Carson, Kendall, G7 (photo)

Cary, George Dr., F5

Cary, Theodore, G1 (photo)

Cary Building, E7 (photo)

Cary Library, F5 (photo), F6

Cates, Harry M. (machinist), C8 (photo), K4

Catholic Church, F7 (photo), F8

Central Building, H4

Chamberlain, Frank, K4 (photo)

Chester L. Briggs Auxiliary No. 47, B3

Christian Science, H1, H4 (photo)

Church of Christ, K7 (photo)

Church of the Good Shepherd, I8 (photo)

Civil War, E7, I1

Civil War Veterans, D7, D8

Clark, George T., K4 (photo)

Clayton, Frank, J1 (photo)

Cochran, Maria Burnham, K2 (photo)

Cogan Block, H2 (photo)

Cogan, James (Hardware), K5 (Ad)

Cole’s Express, E5 (Ad)

Company L Marksmen, K4 (1902 photo)

Congregational Church (see First Congregational Church)

Conlogue, Fred, J1 (photo)

Court Street, E1 (photo)

Cosseboom, John, C8 (photo)

Court Street, J8 (pre-1900 photo)

Crawford, Spofford, J6 (photo)

Currier, Etta, K3 (photo)

Customs, U.S., D7

Customs House, H6 (photo)

DAR, Lydia Putnam Chapter, G2

Day’s Jewelry Store, G7 (Ad)

Dickison, T. S. Dr., K6

Dill, Archie, J1 (photo)

Donnelly, Ernest, I5 (photo)

Dow, Jimmy, J6 (photo)

Downie, Marjorie McCain, K3 (photo)

Draft Law, A7, I4

Dunn Funeral Home, A4 (photos), A5 (photos)

Dunn Furniture Company, A5 (photos), C8 (photo)

Dunn, David, A4, A5 (photo),

Dunn, Donald, A4, A5 (photo),

Dunn, Frank, A4, A5 (photo),

Dux Club (see Meduxnekeag “Dux” Club)

Dyer, Frank, K4 (photo)

Early History of Houlton by Joshua Kendall, Ch.1 - A7; Ch. 3 - C4, C8; Ch.4 – D2; Ch.5 – E2, E8; Ch.6 – F7; Ch.7 – G6; Ch.8 – H4; Ch.9 – I2; Ch.10 – J8; Ch.13 -  K3;

Eastern Motors, C4

Ebbett, P. L. B. (Dr.), C7 (photo)

Edwards, Eleanor, K3 (photo)

Eisenhower, Dwight D., B1 (letter & photo)

Electricity, D7

Elks Club (see Houlton Lodge of Elks)

Emerson, Delmont, J8 (photo)

Ervin, Linwood, J1 (photo)

Ervin, R. L., F3 (photo)

Ervin, [Lydia] Mrs. R. L., F3 (photo)

Esters, Bernard W., G1 (photo)

Exchange Hotel, H6 (photo), K7 (photo)

Exports, D7

Fact and Fiction Club, F5

Fairview Windmill, J8

Farm Implement Company, I4 (Ad)

Farber Lumber Company, I2

Farmers Bank, D6

Farmers Exchange, J6 (Ad)

Faulkner, Esther, A3 (photo)

Feeley Drug Store, H6 (photo)

Fire (1879), D4

Fire (1880), E1 (photo)

Fire (1884), D4

Fire (1890), G6

Fire (1902), D4, H1 (photos)

Fire (1910), K6 (photo)

Fire (1942), K7

Fire Station, C8

First Baptist Church, H3 (photo)

First Congregational Church, B6 (photo), B7, B8, D5

First National Bank, F2 (photo), H5 (photos), K7

Flagg Block, H6

Fogg, Almon H. Co., D3 (photos), D4, D6, H6 (photo), K4

Fogg, Charles H., A2, G1 (photo)

Fox, William & Son Clothing Store, H6 (photo)

Fox Block, A2

Fox’s Corner, H6 (photo)

Franklin Street, H2 (photo)

Fraser, Sam, K6 (photo)

Free Baptist Church (new bell), K7

French Block, A2, D5

French, Deborah Davenport, K3 (photo)

French, Ezekiel D. (Dr.), C2 (photo), E7

French, Leroy, E7 (photo)

French, Oscar, E7 (photo)

French, Oscar F., E7 (photo)

French’s Drug Store, E7 (Ad), H6 (photo)

Friedman, S. & Co. (Men’s clothing), K4

Frisbie, H. T. (Dry Goods), K5

Furniture Store (Houlton’s first), F3 (photo)

G.A.R., Addison P. Russell Post, D7

G.A.R., Frank Hunter Post, D7

Gentle, George S. Co., C3 (photo), G4, G5

Gillen, Patrick H., B3 (100th Anniversary Address)

Gilman, George, G1 (photo)

Gilman, W. S., D5, G1 (photo)

Glen, Billy, K4 (photo)

Gray, Carl C., J4 (photo)

Gray, S. E. Tinshop, H6 (photo)

Haggerty, Jap, K6 (photo)

Hamilton, Peggy, J7 (photo)

Hawkins, Ruby, J4 (photo)

Hancock Barracks Fence, J8 (photo)

Hanson, S. H., G1 (photo)

Harmon, Lily Perrigo, I5 (photo)

Hartley, Ruby, J4 (photo)

Harvey, J. R. Co., I6

Haskell, George W., C2 (photo)

Haskell Hall, F2

Hatheway, H. J. (Wholesale & Retail Drugs), K5 (Ad)

Hawkes, Leita, K3 (photo)

Hayes, Roy M., F1 (photo)

Hersey, Ira G. (Justice), C2

Highland Avenue Bridge (Mechanic St. extension across Meduxnekeag), D8

Holdaway, “Vic”, I4 (photo)

Hogan, Frank W.

Horse Fountain, C8

Horses, J4 (1915 photo)

Hosford, Elson A. “Bill”, K4 (photo)

Hotel Lafayette, J2 (photo)

Houlton Air Base, A7

Houlton Academy, F1

Houlton Business College, K4

Houlton Centennial Program, B2

Houlton Fair, H8 (photo)

Houlton Farms Dairy, H8 (photos)

Houlton Furniture Co. (Furniture & Home Furnishings), K5 (Ad)

Houlton Garden Club, H7

Houlton Grange, H2

Houlton High School - Baseball, J1 (photo)

Houlton High School - Basketball, B7 (photo), J6 (1929 & Champions photos), K3 (1933 Girls’ Champions photo)

Houlton High School - Football, B7 (photo), F6 (photo)

Houlton Iota Sigma Chapter, J6

Houlton Library Association, F5

Houlton Lions Club, J4

Houlton Lodge of Elks, C6 (photo)

Houlton Merchants Association, B2

Houlton Music Club, G2

Houlton Pioneer Times, G1 (editors & photos), G2 (photos), G3

Houlton Pioneer Times Staff, A3 (photo), G1 (editors & photos),

Houlton Rotary Club, A2, F1

Houlton Times, E7 (photo)

Houlton Truck Express, H4 (Ad & photo)

Houlton Water Company, E3, J1, J2

Houlton Woman’s Club, F5, F8

Howard, Al, C8 (photo)

Hull, Robert W., F8 (photo)

Hume, Frank M., I4, K4

Hume, Harriet, K2 (photo)

Hunter, Blinn, I5 (photo)

Hunting, B3 (photo), I2 (photo)

Hussey, Frank, K4 (photo)

Hussey, S. H. Furniture Store, F3 (photo)

Ice Cutting, G5

International Plant (Fertilizer), H8

Ivey, Imogene, G7 (photo)

Ingraham, L. R. & Sons, A6,

Ingraham, Wesley

Ingraham Clothing Co. (Men’s Clothing), K5 (Ad)

Jackins, Pulaski, C8 (photo)

Jackson Grattan (Racehorse), I6 (photo)

Jervais, Nancy, J7 (photo)

Johnson, Eke, K6 (photo)

Justices of Maine Supreme Court, E1

Kaiser Wilhelm & Crown Prince (Effigies), I4 (photo)

Kendall, Joshua, B6

Kidder, Edmund, J4 (photo)

Kidder, Geneva, K2 (photo)

Kirk, Rheta Henderson, K3 (photo)

Knight, Wayne, J7 (photo)

Knights of Columbus Headquarters, H7 (photo)

Knights Templar, D7 (photo)

Lambert, Dean, J6 (photo)

Lambert, Keith, J6 (photo)

Larabee, Fred, J1 (photo)

Lawlis, Bob, J1 (photo)

Leighton, Martin, K6 (photo)

Little, Harry, I5 (photo)

London Motors, J2 (Ad)

Lovejoy, A. 2nd Tinsmith Shop, H6 (photo)

Lowery, Enid Gerow, K3 (photo)

Ludwig, L. O., J8

Ludwig, Leland O. Jr., I8

Lumber, D7

Lumbering, J8 (photo)

Lunt, Ferne, K3 (photo)

Lydia Putnam Chapter DAR, G2

Lyons, Charles A., G1 (photo)

MacNair, George, C8 (photo)

Madigan Homestead, C4 (photo)

Madigan Hospital, F8, J2, J3

Madigan, John B. (Justice), B2 (100th Anniversary Address, 1907), E1 (photo)

Mann, F. W. Dr. House, H7 (photo)

Mansur, Walter, H5 (photo)

Mansur Block, A2

Map (1957), J4 (photo)

Maple Grove Rest Home, K7 (photo)

Market Square, A2 (photos 1888-1908), B2 (photos), B8 (photos), D5 (photo), J4 (1892 photo)

Marley, Donald, G7 (photo)

Marshall, George, G7 (photo)

Masonic Lodge, C2

Mass Temperance Convention, A6

McCready, Cecil, J6 (photos)

McCready, Clair, J6 (photo)

McCready, Linwood, J6 (photo)

McDonald, James (Merchant Tailor), K5 (Ad)

McElwee, Leland, J4 (photo)

McGary Brothers Grocery, J3 (photo)

McIntire, Burns, I5 (photo)

McIntire, Rose Campbell (Mrs. Burns), K6 (photo)

McKay, Jack, J1 (photo)

McKay, Murdoch B., I5 (photo)

McIntire, Clifford C., D1 (letter & photo)

McIntyre, Burns, J1 (photo)

McLaughlin, Jack, C8 (photo)

McLeod, Don, J1 (photo)

McLoon, W. H. (cigar manufacturer), K4

Meduxnekeag “Dux” Club, B3

Memorial Day Celebration, D8

Methodist Church, E6 (photos), E7

Military Street, C4 (photo)

Military Street Baptist Church, G4 (photos)

Milk Association, D2

Millar, Albert, J1 (photos)

Millar, John, K6 (photo)

Millar’s Candy Store, K6 (photo)

Milliken, Bill, K6 (photo)

Miss Aroostook Diner, D4 (photo)

Monument Lodge, A7,

Monument, Civil War, D8

Moore, George B. (death of) K7

Morse, Walter, C2 (photo)

Music Hall, I6 (photo)

Muskie, Edmund S. (Gov), D1 (letter & photo)

Myshrall, Arlene Williams, K3 (photo)

Nelson, Fred P. (Music Dealer), K5 (Ad)

New Brunswick Railroad, D6, D7, I1

New England Starch Company, I7 (photo)

New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, H4 (Ad)

New York Clothing Company, H6 (photo)

New York Store (Dry Goods), K5 (Ad)

Nickerson, Jap, K6 (photo)

Nixon, Richard M., B1 (letter & photo)

Northland Hotel, K8 (photo)

Nye, Martha, K2 (photo)

O’Donnell’s Express, G8 (Ad & photo)

Osgood, Allie, C8 (photo)

Osgood, Charlie, C8 (photo)

Osgood, Cedric S. & son, G6 (photo)

Osgood’s Jewelry, G6 (ad)

Page, Cassie, K2 (photo)

Palmer, James, J1 (photo)

Parades, B8 (photos), D2 (photo), D5 (photo), E7 (photo)

Parsons, Earl, J6 (photo)

Patchell, Lena, K3 (photo)

Payne, Frederick G., C1 (letter & photo)

Peabody, F. A. Co., F4 (Ad & photo)

Peabody, Frank A., A2

Peabody, James S., I2 (photo & Company Ad)

Peabody, Robert, C8 (photo)

Peabody, Ralph, J6 (photos)

Peabody, Woody, J6 (photos)

Pearce, Amos House, I5 (photo)

Peaslee, Marvin, K6 (photo)

Perks Drug Store, H6 (photo)

Perry, Harry, K4 (photo)

Petroleum Products Inc., I8 (photo)

Pierce, Clarence H., H5 (photo)

Pierce, James M., H5 (photo)

Pioneer Block, D5

Pioneer Times, G1 (photos)

Police Department, C8 (photo 1912 staff)

Post Office, B2, H6 (photo), I5 (photos)

Postmasters, I5 (List)

Potatoes, B4, D7, H2 (photos)

Powers, Frederick A. (Justice), C2, I4 (photo)

Powers, Llewellyn (Rep. & Gov.), C2

Presbyterian Church, B8, H4 (photo)

Putnam, Albert, J6 (photos)

Putnam Brothers Company, C5 (photo)

Putnam, Arthur O., C5

Putnam, Black Hawk, B8 (photo), D8 (photo)

Putnam, Fred L., B4 (letter & photo), F1 (photo), F3

Putnam, Lydia Trask, G2

Putnam, Otis, C5

Putnam Block, G5

Putnam Brothers (Gulf), J3

Putnam Gym, F3

Race Track, H8 (photo), I6 (photo)

Rationing, A7

Reed, George, C8 (photo)

Rice Block, A2, C2, G5

Rich, George, A3 (photo), 

Richards, Halson Jr., J6 (photo)

Ricker Classical Institute, F2

Ricker Classical Institute - Baseball (1910 Champions), K6 (photo)

Ricker Classical Institute - Basketball (1932 Champions), K3 (photo)

Ricker College, A7, F1 (photo); and wars F2; F3

Ricker Dormitory, F1 (photo)

Ricker, Joseph Rev., F1

Rideout, Michael, C8 (photo)

Rideout, P. L., F3

Rideout, Percy, J1 (photo)

Roach, George E., C7 (photo)

Robinson, J. E. (Variety Store), K5 (Ad)

Robinson’s Orchestra, E8 (photo)

Rockabema Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows “I.O.O.F.”, E4 (photo)

Rose, John Harness Shop, H6 (photo)

Rose, Lucia, K3 (photo)

Royal, Harold

Sadie’s Bakery, J4 (Ad)

Salvation Army, E7 (photo)

Sesquicentennial, Houlton, K1

Sharp, Ken, J6 (photo)

Shaw, George, J1 (photo)

Shaw, Herschel, J1 (photo)

Shaw, Phyllis, K3 (photo)

Slipp, Fred, C8 (photo)

Smith, Allen T., J8

Smith, Margaret Chase, C1 (letter & photo)

Smith, Mildred Brewer, K3 (photo)

Smith, Osgood, K4 (photo)

Snell House, B2 (photo), D7 (photo), D8, J4

Snell, Luther, A6

Sockanossett steam fire engine, D4 (photo)

Spiers, John Jewelry Store, H6, (photo)

St. Aldemar Commandery, D7 (photo)

St. Mary’s of the Visitation, F7 (photo), F8

Starch, I7 (photos)

Stetson, Albert K., G1 (photo)

Sullivan, Doris Cochran, J4 (photo)

Swallow, L. E. “Mike”, F8 (photo)

Taft, William Howard Pres., I4 (photo)

Temple Theatre, I3 (photo), I6,

Tenney, Charles P. House, D4

Theatres, I3 (photos)

Thibodeau Block, J2 (photo), K6 (photo)

Thibodeau, Henry, J2

Thibodeau, William, J2

Tibbetts, Huse, J6 (photo)

Tilley, Ralph, K6 (photo)

Tingley, Philip D., C2 (photo)

Tidd, Hollis R. (Chain saws), I6 (Ad)

Titcomb, Alton, K6 (photo)

Titcomb, Florence, K3 (photo)

Tompkins, Nathaniel (Justice), C2, E1 (photo)

Turney, R. L. (Hardware), K5 (Ad)

Unitarian Church, G5 (photos)

United Trading Stamps, J4 (Ad)

Washington Street, J8 (1874 photo)

WABM Radio, J6 (photo)

Watson, Jean, K3 (photo)

Watson Hall, I8

Way, Roland, J6 (photos)

West End Drugstore, F8 (ad)

Western Union Telegraph Office, H6 (photo)

Wetmore, Bertram, G7 (photo)

Wheeler, Harry, C8 (photo)

White, Hortense, K2 (photo)

White, S.L. Drug Store, J6 (Ad & photo)

Whitney, Melville, C8 (photo)

Whitney, Ralph H. (Blacksmith), C8 (Chief), K4 (Captain), K4

Williams, Allston, J6 (photo)

Wilson, C. H. (Houlton Grocery), K5 (Ad)

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), K2

Wood, Charles, K3 (photo)

Woodstock, N.B., A7

Wording, Catherine, F1

Wording Hall, F1 (photo), F2 (photo)

World War I, I4 A (photo)

World War I Veterans, I5 (List)

World War II, A7 (Honor Roll)

Wolhaupter, Mary Adams, K3 (photo)

Year In Review:

          1884, D7, G5, K7

          1906, D2

          1907, D6

          1908, C8

York’s Radio Service, H7 (Ad)

Young, Hermon, J6 (photo)