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This name is an Anglicized form of the original Gaelic surname "O hEigcertaigh" which comes from the word "eigceartach" meaning "unjust."  The O hEigceartaigh sept was originally from Ulster and they were the forebears of the Hegarty, Ohegarty, Higerty, and Hagerty/Haggerty families.  This sept was a member of the Cenel Eoghan, which held lands on the borders of Counties Donegal and Derry, with their original homeland centered in the barony of Loughlinstown.  The place name Hegart's Rock at Killygarven, near Lough Swilly in County Donegal, takes its name from Father James Hegarty who was treacherously murdered there in 1715.  In the seventeenth century, the family was much more numerous in Tirkeenan, County Donegal, and Inishowen, County Derry. Early written references to the surname Haggerty, or to a variant, includes a Maolmuire O'Hegarty who died in the Battle of Kinsale in 1602 while fighting for O'Neill's army.  Notable bearers of the name include Peter O'Hegarty who fought with the Irish Brigades in France and was rewarded with the governorship of the Isle of Bourbon, and P.S. O'Hegarty (1879-1955) who was prominent in the Easter Rebellion of 1916.  It is also interesting to note that a branch of the sept migrated southwards to County Cork (where there is still a considerable distribution of Hegartys).  There was also a branch of the same name in County Munster (a branch of the Eoghanact).

Blazon of Arms:  Argent an oak tree eradicated proper on a chief gules three birds of the first beaked and legged sable.


  • Argent (white) denotes Peace and Sincerity.
  • Gules (red) signifies Military Fortitude and Magnanimity.
  • Sable (black) denotes Constancy and Prudence.

Crest: An arm in armour embowed and the hand grasping a scimitar all proper.

Motto: Nec Flectitur nec mutant.

Translation:  They neither bend nor change.


[NoteThe foregoing was sent to me by a Hagerty researcher about a year ago.  I don't have the source info; however, I've seen this information on numerous Hagerty websites.]

LAVERTY is an exclusively Ulster name but is found mainly in Co Antrim. Most of this name will originally be MacLavertys, a sept of Clan Donald, hereditary 'speakers' or heralds of the Lords of the Isles. The Clan Donald claim that the name was originally Fear Labhairt an Righ, 'the kings speaker' but Black states that the name was actually MacFhlaithbheaetaich and was thus etymologically similar to the Irish O'Flaverty or O'Lafferty. The MacLavertys claim to be originally a Kintyre branch of the MacDonalds. They were later based on Islay, at the court of the Lord of the Isles. The name became common too in Arran. In the mid-19thC the Antrim Lavertys were found almost exclusively in the Barony of Upper Dunluce.

ARMAGH an inland county in the province of Ulster,it is bounded in the north by Lough Neagh and Co. Tyrone; on the east by county Down; on the south by county Louth; and on the west by counties Monaghan and Tyrone. The length of county Armagh from north to south 33 miles; and it's breadth from east to west is 21 miles.

The name of the county is derived from the City of Armagh, and belongs to pagan times. The oldest form is Ard Mhaca, or Macha's height - Macha being a semi mythical heroine, the foundress of the palace of Emania, 300 years B.C. The county formed part of the ancient kingdom of Oriel. The eastern part of this kingdom called Oirthera (meaning "eastern people") was the territory of the O'Hanlons, and the name is preserved in that of the Baronies of Orior. The old territory of Hy Niallain, is now represented in name and position by the Baronies of O'Neilland. On the shore of Lough Neagh, round the mouth of the Bann was situated the ancient district of Hy Brassil or Clanbrassil.

The COSTELLOs and COSTELLOEs are the decendents of the Anglo-Norman name de Nangle, who arrived soon after the "conquest" (read, year 1066), and settled in Connacht. The name is recorded in the "Annals of the Four Masters", with references, dating from the year 1193, when the name had changed to Oistealb. The name futher evolved to MacGoisdelbh and subsequently, to MacGoisdealbh. Later anglicized to MacCostello. Their stronghold was established in the Barony of Costello, near Ballaghaderreen then in Co Mayo, but now in Co Roscommon.

From: Lynstello@aol.com To: COSTELLO-L@rootsweb.com Date: 17 Jul 2001 20:44:44 -0600 Subject: [welcome] Re: Family name Lois: Am not at all resistive to Italian ties in the name, however all verified sources state that the name came into Ireland through the Cambro(Welsh)-Norman knight, Gilbert deAngulo (I take note of the deAngulo reference in your E-Mail). Gilbert deAngulo was Norman, and was one of Richard DeClaire's vassals, His ancestors were from Normandy, and came with William the Conqueror in the Norman Invasion of England in 1066. He settled in Angle, Pembrokshire in Wales, and in 1172 came with Richard deClaire, Earl of Pembroke to Ireland in response to the pleas for help from Dermod MacMorrough. King of Lienster. He was awarded lands in Lienster, and his grandson, Costelo Oge deAngelo, known as "MacOisdealbh" (in Gaelic) participated in the invasion of Connaught in 1235, where he founded the Norman Barony of MacOisdealbh in Co. Mayo. "MacOisdealbh" was later Anglicised to MacCostello. All this is verified in the Annals of the Four Masters, and other similarly confirmed sources. None-the-less, I would be interested in receiving any information which you might have, that would refute the above. An open mind is a good thing to have! You can respond directly to me at: Lystello@AOL.com/ Regards: Bob Costello

Ed: One of my Costello correspondents sent me the information you have developed on the ancient origins of our family name. I have been doing a lot of research on this subject, both on the internet and by visiting the University of Notre Dame library in South Bend recently. Basically you have the general background of the Costello name, except it is somewhat garbled. I have cross-checked through a number of sources, including Notre Dame's extensive collection of rare Irish books. The following is the history of our name confirmed through a number of sources:

In the lare 1160s two Irish kings, Dermot MacMorrough of Leinster, and Tiernan O"Rourke were feuding over O"Rourke's wife. O"Rourke, with the help of King Rory(?) O"Connor of Connaught got the upper hand, and MacMorrough fled to England seeking the help of Henry II, King of England. Henry was busy fighting with the King of France over his holdings in Normandy, and referred MacMorrough to his Cambro (Welsh) Norman lords is Wales, particularly Richard DeClaire, Earl of Pembroke, commonly known as "Strongbow". MacMorrough offered Strongbow his daughter's hand in marriage plus the successorship to his Kingdom in Leinster. Strongbow saw this as chance to obtain a Kingship in Ireland, out from under the heavy hand of Henry II, plus marriage to MacMorrough's very beautiful daughter; so he gathered together a group of his fellow Cambro(Welsh)-Norman vassals, and invaded Ireland to help MacMurrough. These Normans invaded Ireland in five waves between 1168 and 1172. Among the Norman knights assisting Strongbow was Gilbert deAngulo, from Angle in Pembrokshire, and his two sons, Jocelyn and Costelo deAngulo. The deAngulos settled in Co. Meath (in Leinster) and established Baronies there after their successful invasion. In 1235, a group of young Norman lords from Leinster decided to invade Connaught (northwestern Ireland) where they defeated one of O"Connor's decendants, and established baronies. Many of these Normans intermarried with the lrish, and, as the old saying went "became more Irish than the the Irish themselves", speaking Gaelic instead of French-Norman. One of these young lords was called by his Gaelic name "MacOisdealbh", meaning "Son of Costelo". He was the grandson of Gilbert deAngulo. By that time the deAngulos were known as "Nangle" in Ireland (This probably was because they came from Angle in Wales). MacOisdealbh established a barony in Co Mayo (in Connaught), which lasted for almost 400 years. Eventually the name "MacOisdealbh" became angelicized to "MacCostello" and ultimately the "Mac" was dropped. (The Costellos were the first of the Norman invaders to adopt the "Mac" prefix by the way). This is basically the origins of our name. Hope this helps you in your work on our name.

Regards: Bob Costello Breckenridge,CO

P.S. Incidentally, my grandfather Michael J. Costello came to America from Kilkelly, Co. Mayo in about 1877, and settled in Racine, Wisconsin, so we are probably distantly related.

JOYCE: stay tuned


            _______  HAGGERTY                      George LAVERTY
              b:/d: Ireland                  1782 Ireland-1866 Canada
                  &                                       &
            Mary __________                        Elizabeth Brown
          1783 Ireland-1857 USA                  b:Ireland-d:Canada   
                  |                                       |
                Kids:                                   Kids: 
                  =                                       =               
                Peter >*************       ************< William
            No Others Known        |       |             Isaac                
                                   |       |             Jane                 
                                   |       |             John                 
                                   |       |             Elizabeth            
                                   |       |             Matilda              
                                   |       |                                                                                        |       |                                
             Peter HAGGERTY <*******       ******> William LAVERTY       
          1808 Ireland-1881 USA            1815 Ireland-1860's USA Probably          
                   &                                      &
              Nancy McGuire                          Hannah Kelly
          1808 Ireland-1886 USA                  1831 Ireland-1890 USA
                   |                                      |
                  Kids:                                  Kids:      
                   =                                      = 
                Mary Ann                            Mary Elizabeth
                Bridget Sophia                      John
                Nancy                               William
                Peter Jr                            Annie Jane
                Margaret                            Louisa Anna >***
                John                                Hannah L       |
                Thomas                              Edward         | 
                Frank                               Henry James    |
             *< Charles                                            |
             |  James                                              |
             |                                                     |
             |                                                     |
             |                                                     | 
             ***************> Charles HAGGERTY                     |
                            1849/50 USA-1922 USA                   |
                                      &                            |
                            Louisa Anna LAVERTY <*******************
                            1858 Canada-1930 USA 
                                 Kids: Martha Anne >******                                        
                                 John Edward|            |                      
                                 Hannah Myrtle           |
                                 Thomas Albert           |              
                                 Elsie Louise            |
                                 Mary Agnes              | 
                                 Walter Leo              | 
                                 Augustus Charles        |
                                 Mildred Adelaide        |
                                 Gertrude Madolyn        |
                                 Cecil Waldo             |
                                 Clyde Elias             |
                                                         |                                                                                                |
                                                         |                                                                                                |
    **************************> John Patrick COSTELLO    |
    |                                1881-1966           |
    |                                    &               |
    |                            Martha Anne HAGGERTY <***
    |                                1885-1972 
    |                                    |
    |                              Louise Marie
    |                              Mary Veronica
    |                              Margaret Adelaide
    |                              John Patrick Jr
    |                              Richard Joyce
    |                              Thomas Augustus
    |                              Edward Daniel
    |                              Daniel Joseph
    |        Richard COSTELLO                             Martin JOYCE
    |         b:/d: Ireland                               b:/d: Ireland 
    |              &                                           &
    |        Catherine Fahey                              Mary _______
    |         b:/d: Ireland                               b:/d: Ireland 
    |              |                                           |                     
    |         Kids: (known)                                  Kids:  
    |              =                                           =
    |            John                                      Catherine
    |        Thomas Richard >*                          |*< Bridget
    |                        |                          |   Martin
    |                        |                          |
    |                        |                          |
    |                        |                          |  
    |                        > Thomas Richard COSTELLO  |                          
    |                           1850 Ireland-1900 USA   |                          
    |                                     &             |                          
    |                                Bridget JOYCE <*****                                
    |                          1850 Ireland-1886 USA                              
    |                                     |                                       
    |                                   Kids:  
    |                                     =                                      
    |                                  Catherine                                 
    |                                    Mary                                    
    |                                    Edward                                   
    *******************************< John Patrick                         
                                   Thomas Richard Jr                            



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