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From Cousin Dawn Laverty Matheson's 1999 volume,"The Laverty Generations":

George LAVERTY, born 1782 in Ireland, died July 1866 in Oak Mountain, Woodstock Parish, Carleton County, New Brunswick, buried 31 July 1866, by the Anglican minister of Woodstock, N.B., burial site unknown. He married Elizabeth (BROWN) LAVERTY.

Notes for George LAVERTY:

After extensive research in New Brunswick and Ireland for the roots of the LAVERTY family, no records have been found to establish the birthplace of George. Family members believe it was County Armagh. Research by Armagh Ancestry, 42 English St., Armagh, N. Ireland in 1993 covered Presbyterian records only. They suggested looking at Church of Ireland data.

It would appear that George and Elizabeth arrived in North America c.1816, as census records show that William was born in Ireland in 1815 and Isaac in New Brunswick in 1817. We have no information on their early years except for the birth of John in Maugerville, Sunbury County., in 1825. A fire in the church rectory there in 1845 destroyed existing records. An 1877 fire in the Saint John Customs House affects early immigration records which might have provided some clue to George's origins.

The earliest record we have is a statement from Michael O'Donnell dated 18 July 1832 transferring his claim for land to George Laverty and a petition by George Laverty for said land in Richmond Settlement, Carleton County, Lot 10, Tier 2 dated 24 August 1835. This property is shown on map #111 of Land Grants in the name of William Laverty, granted to him 6 September 1860. It contains 200 acres in the area known as Oak Mountain, just south of Speerville, near Debec. In 1997 this property was owned by Gordon Acott, R.R.#5, Debec, N.B.EOJ1JO (Property Ident. #10086551.

We do not know the exact burial place of George. PANB F-1094 Anglican Church Records, Woodstock Parish lists his burial on 31 July 1866, age 84 years, by Rev. S.D. Lee Street. Anglican burials at that time took place in the cemetery at Lower Woodstock. Lee Street himself is buried there. There is no Laverty stone and perusal of an early map at the Anglican church in Woodstock in 1997 showed no record. Many of the old graves and stones were moved when the Mactaquac Dam was built. We know nothing of the death and burial of George's wife, Elizabeth. He may have been buried with her. She died before 1851 as he is listed as a "widower" in that census. The Laverty property in Oak Mountain borders on what later became the cemetery for St. Andrew's Presbyterian (later United) church. St Andrew's was built in 1886 and an earlier church south of that location in 1868, both after George's death. The owner of the land, Gordon Acott, has no knowledge of any graves on his property."


        William Laverty                    m: Hannah Kelly 
        b: 1815 Ireland                    17 August 1848, 
        d: 1860's PA, USA (maybe, NR)      Houlton ME USA
                                           b: 1831 Ireland
                                           d: 1890 Houlton ME USA

        Isaac Laverty                      m: Elizabeth Baldwin
        b: 12 May 1817, NB Canada          30 October 1839,
        d: 25 March 1892 Westbrook         St George Charlotte Co NB Canada
                 ME USA                    b: 24 February 1821                    
                                           d: 28 February 1903
        Jane Laverty                       m: John Bryden
        b: 1821 NB Canada                  1 January 1839, 
        d: NR                              Woodstock NB Canada 
                                           b: NR           
                                           d:1871 to 1881
        John Laverty                       m: Annie Hyde Dougherty
        b: 1825 Maugerville,               1 September 1854 
        Sun Co, NB, Canada                 Woodstock NB Canada  
        d: 11 March 1897 Debec             b: 1828 Ireland
              NB Canada                    d:1920 NB Canada      
        Elizabeth Laverty                  m:        Clark  
        b: 1828 NB Canada                  b: NR
        d: NR                              d: NR
        Matilda Laverty                    m: John Dickison
        b: 1831 NB Canada                  17 November 1852
        d: 1899                            NB Canada  
                                           b: 1826 Scotland
                                           d: NR


Notes for William LAVERTY: (from: The Laverty Generations)

Little is known of William's early years. A record from the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service states that he was born in ARMAGH, IRELAND, and arrived in the US in 1833. This is the only official document which confirms Armagh as the point of emigration for the family. It appears that he left Ireland c.1816. We have no documents to prove his whereabouts until 1825 when John was born in Maugerville, NB. At the time of Williams arrival in Maine, his father was negotiating for land in New Brunswick.

Intentions of marriage dated 4 July 1848 of William LAFFERTY and Hannah Kelly and marriage register dated 17 August 1848 list his residence as Houlton ME. From census records it appears that William owned property in Houlton in 1850 and that their first three children were born there. Annie Jane was born in NB in 1856 when they were probably living on a farm in Oak Mtn for which William received a grant in 1860. The 1861 census shows that his father, George, was living with the family. No record has been found of Williams death or burial but Hannah sold the family property to Robert Hay in 1868. As mentioned in notes for George, the property is now owned by Gordon Acott, and previously by his father, William Acott, who bought it from John Speer. ...|FamilyTree|


Notes for Isaac LAVERTY: (from: The Laverty Generations)

The first record that we have of Isaac LAVERTY is his marriage to Elizabeth BALDWIN in St. George, Charlotte Co., N.B. in 1839. At this time, we believe his father, George, and family were settled in Carleton Co. His first petition for land there was in 1856 (F5934). F9027 contains a letter from Isaac dated 1862 in which he states that upon completition of his sawmill, a Mr. McGuire arrived claiming some of Isaac's property and a portion of the land petitioned by his son. It would appear that the dispute was settled as Isaac was granted 100 acres in 1873 (209 B1.11 Br. of Salmon). Son George's petition was later transferred to Andrew Martin. It appears that the family moved to Point Wolfe due to lack of schools near their original home (Source: Letter Maurice Martin 1992). Jennie Laverty, age 6, attended school in Point Wolfe from 1883 to mid term 1888. She must have been Isaac's grandaughter. There is no record of any Laverty's in the 1891 census. We know that some members of the family settled in Westbrook ME perhaps in 1888 when Jennie left Point Wolfe school. Unfortunately, the 1890 U.S. census has been lost. Isaac Sr. died in Westbrook in 1892.

The Baptist Cemetery at Alma, N.B. contains the following graves: HUESTON: Hannah A 1877-1893, John 1831-1901, Elizabeth 1840-1878. LAVERTY: John no dates, Watson 1858-1878 and Lizzie 1871-1878.

Although the Lavertys left Albert Co behind, the name remains as a tribute to this pioneer family. The land they first settled is now part of Fundy National Park with landmarks: Laverty Lake, Laverty Brook, Laverty Trail and Laverty Falls.

Murice Martin states in his letter of 1992 that although he was born in 1903 after the Lavertys had left Albert Co. he had heard that "Isaac Laverty was a very ambitious person, noted for working on moonlight nights. As a result, it was quite common to hear the full moon referred to as LAVERTY'S FRIEND.


Notes for Jane LAVERTY: (from: The Laverty Generations)

We have very little information on Jane and family except for census listings. Map #111 shows a land grant to John BRYDEN, 100 acres, at Lot 21N, Tier 3 Richmond Parish, N.B. south of the grant to William Laverty in Tier 2.

Jane's birthplace in the 1851 census is shown as N.B. The 1871, 81 and 91 show Ireland. I believe this to be in error as brother Isaac b.1817 is listed in all census returns as born N.B. Jane is a widow in 1881 census so her husband, John, died between 1871 and 1881. From the 1891 census we note that Jane is living with daughter, Matilda J. Anderson. No record of her in the 1901 census. Vital Statistics of N.B. has no record of her death between 1892 and 1895.


Notes for John LAVERTY: (from: The Laverty Generations)

Records available on John Laverty indicate that he was a very intelligent, ambitious man. At the age of 27 years he attended Carleton County Grammar School in Woodstock for 86 days (23 September to end of December 1852) and received qualifications to teach school. He built a school at Limestone, three miles south of Debec, and taught there as well as running a farm. An accident from a falling tree left him lame for much of his life. John was granted 75 acres at lot 19E, Tier 4, S. Richmond on 13 January 1869. This was transferred to his son Howard, 28 June 1884. In 1855, John purchased the east half of Lot 16, Tier 4, (Vol. 17, page 529, #1707. This property was originally granted to Andrew Blair and appears in that name on the map #111. On 1 June 1921, John's youngest son, William, sold the place to Burns Hemphill. It is still in the Hemphill family in 1998.

John was active in church affairs and is listed as an elder in Richmond Presbyterian Church in 1882. (His son, Howard, followed him in this position in 1931 and Howard's son, Allen, in 1944.)

John was a member of the Carleton County Council for many years. His will is an interesting document which contains bequests to each of his ten children. His obituary states "Mr Laverty was an honourable and industrious gentleman and had a large circle of warm friends".


Notes for Elizabeth LAVERTY (from: The Laverty Generations)

Born 1828 in N.B. Canada. She married _____ Clark. The 1850 census of Houlton ME lists Elizabeth Laverty, age 22, born N.B. living with William and Hannah Laverty. The 1860 census lists only Elizabeth Laverty, age 32, servant, born N.B.


Notes for Matilda LAVERTY: (from: The Laverty Generations)

Matilda and John Dickison are buried at the United Church cemetery (formerly St. David's Presbyterian) on Hwy. 540, south of the Anglican Church, Kirkland, N.B. The date on her stone is 1836 but all census returns show she was born 1831. Many different spellings occur in records of this family: e.g. Lafferty/Laverty, Dickison/Dickinson, MacDougall/McDougall. Charts from Janet Rouke show MacDougall for the entire family, but John and Kenneth used McDougall. Janet (Dickison) McDougall and family ran the Dickison Hotel in Debec at one time. She and her husband separated and he boarded with the Laverty family in Debec. He owed a great deal of board money and his carpenter's tools were confiscated in payment. This large box of tools (some quite antique now) are in possession of Dawn Matheson. Janet Rourke mentioned that her mother, Ruby, went to live with the Laverty's at one time - perhaps this is when her father was there. Note February 1999 Janet Rourke will soon publish a history of this family.

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