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b: He: 16 March 1881, Monson MA; bap: 20 March 1881, St Patricks RCCh, Monson MA (He told son John that he was born in Ireland)

b: She: 22 July 1885, Littleton ME; bap: St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME, 23 August 1885

m: 30 June 1915, St Cecilia's RCCh, Boston MA; Officiating: Rev John J McGarry, Witness: MARY HAGGERTY & THOMAS COSTELLO.... m: 51 years.... 8 kids, 3 girls & 5 boys, mostly named after ancient Costello's.... mother was seeking a 9th, t/b/n: Michael Angelo Costello

Jack & Mattie, 1939

|Louise Marie| Mary Veronica| Margaret Adelaide| John Patrick Jr| Richard Joyce| Thomas Augustus| Edward Daniel| Daniel Joseph| Peter Canine| More Costello Pix|


                                 *| Raised on Littleton ME potato farm
                                    along with 6 brothers &  5 sisters.
                                    Walter Logan was an old boyfriend 
                                    from down the road. Enjoyed the 
                                    "Old Farmer's Almanac".

* Mother d: when 5 years old, lived w/                             
  Brooklyn NY family (Boyles) in early
  years. Family was later reunited by
  his aunt Catherine (Joyce) Dower in
  Monson MA.

                                 *| Graduate of Ricker Classical Institute,
                                    Houlton ME, a country college now GWTW,
                                    as an old folks home
                                 *| Was an expert cook, made all of the 
                                    family meals: beef, pork, fish, fowl,
                                    veggie. And with knitting needles and
                                    knitwear: made all of the family socks,
                                    sweaters & gloves. 

* Attended Monson Academy, Monson MA

* Worked in Monson woolen mills, punched
  a time clock            

* Migrated to Boston MA, 1903                                        
* Salesman for Rogers Peet, Boston, MA,
  a retail men's clothier, he understood
                                *| Certain expressions/threats served her well
                                   in the management of her brood: "live & let 
                                   live", "at the working boys home, you'll have
                                   to up in the morn, bathed, dressed & ready 
                                   for work in 5 min.", "little bites", "rights
                                   right & wrong's wrong"

                                *| School teacher, Littleton ME
                                *| Graduated RN/BosCtyHosp School
                                   of Nursing, ~1910    

                                *| Lifetime practising Registered
                                   Nurse (as were 2 of her sister's:
                                   Mildred & Madolyn, both of whom
                                   she helped finance through nursing
                                   school); SSN: 021-26-3669; Head
                                   Nurse at Ward Peabody One,
                                   BosCtyHosp during her early career,
                                   as was her daughter Margaret later
                                   during the early 1940's. Served at
                                   many area hospitals as a private 
                                   duty nurse: BosCtyHosp, St Elizabeths,
                                   MassGen, others. Early in her nursing 
                                   career, performed private duty nursing
                                   services in Damariscotta ME, Member of
                                   the Guild of St. Radegonde, BosCtyHosp
                                   Alumni Assoc, Brighton Women's Club,
                                   Charter Menber of the Mass State Board 
                                   of Nursing Registeration

                                *| Broke her hip during her mid-70s, 
                                   recovered nicely while displaying 
                                   true grit. Stroke crippled in later
                                   years, late 70's, 80's,   
                                   resided at St Patricks Manor in
                                   Framingham MA. Lived there for 8 years.
                                   Mr Hayden, of Hayden, Harding & Buchanan,
                                   brother Dan's engineering associate, was
                                   very helpful during the admitting process.

* Funeral Director/Undertaker/Mortician,
  a business with much built-in wait-time, 
  in Boston's West End for 40 years, 
  tel. no.:CAPital 3559, at 54, aka
  "the shop"(where father kept a pet alleycat),
  16 & 13 Chambers St (locations now GWTW),
  member of the MA Funeral Directors Assoc
  & was ably assisted at various times through
  the years by John Costello Jr, Richard Costello
  & Charley Keys. Although the business prospered
  in early years, it declined in later years.

* "Worked day & night" during the 1918
  flu epidemic. "Spanish Flu": Influenza,
  an acute viral infection, occured world
  wide, 1918-21,  many thousands died,
  thought to have originated with swine,
  spread to humans who had no natural
  immunity, then spread by migrating fowl
  world  wide. Had nothing to do with the

                              *| Many Haggerty & Laverty relatives 
                                 in ME USA, NB Canada & all over North

* Had Costello Uncles & cousins in
  Franklin MA: Uncle John Costello,
  1st cousins: Mary, Michael, John
  Jr, Maggie, Katie , Richard &
  Sarah; Costello decendants still
  reside there. There may also have
  been an Uncle Richard
                             *| Had 12 pregnancies; 8 kids
                             *| Her 5 sons served in the armed forces
                                during WW2: John, Navy; Richard, 
                                Marines; Thomas, Army; Edward, Army;
                                Daniel, Army 

                             *| Her last will & testament provided for
                                equal shares of her property to each of         
                                her 8 children. Son Dan managed her 
                                final years & her estate

* He liked playing cards (bid 45 &
  polker @ the Brighton Catholic
  Institute);  big cars, mostly 
  "pre-owned" Caddy's & Packard's;
  which he also used for his funeral
  business & dogs (Riff, Peter &
  Bell; Riff was "farmed out" after
  persistent interference with family
  discipline; Riff, a German Shepard
  dog, intervened on the side of the
  kids when his mistress, our mother,
  sought to discipline her flock).
  He wore 2 union-suits, took one
  off during July & August when
  Bostons temperature spiked up
  at times to the "100's". Never 
  sick or hospitalized until his
  death. His politics were probably
  conservative or Republican for he
  never spoke of his political
  affiliation, but he was utterly
  distainful of Bostons Democrat
  machine politics (read "crooked
  politicans") and seemed more 
  amenable to the political likes
  of the Lodge's, Coolidge's,
  Saltenstahl's and Cabot's. (all
  "old yankee" families). Never
  disclosed who/how he voted in 
  political contests; fearful,
  I think, of the possible negative 
  impact to his Undertaking business
  if his kids spread the news as to
  his voting preferences.

                           *| She liked family (all of her brothers, 
                              sisters, nieces, nephews, daughters-
                              in-law, grandkids), continually visited
                              them all... traveling (Boston, Houlton
                              ME, all of ME, Cape Cod, CT, CA, TX, NYC,
                              Wash DC, FL, Lima Peru ); cats (always
                              had  houseful, Amos, Andy, etc);... card
                              playing: bridge & whist enthusiast (at
                              the Brighton Catholic Womens Club & many
                              other places in the greater Boston area);
                              ...she drove LaSalle's, Packards & 
                              Pierce-Arrow's (all pre-owned).
                           *| Suffered to some extent, as did  2 of her
                              kids, John & Louise, from diverticulosis.
                           *| Never celebrated her birthday
                           *| Was very good friend of the Mayor of
                              Amity ME, she visited the family in
                              Boston many times

                           *| Father nicknamed her "Mattie"

* All of their kids wore eye glasses. all of their lives.

d: He: 14 February 1966, Boston MA; 85 years old, prostate cancer .... prior to his death, he was hospitalized at BosCtyHosp for a prostate cancer operation, since he was a very private/conservative person & had never been in a hospital before he naturally resisted hosp/med procedures; he was upset when female doctors & med personnel physically examined his prostate problem & he was especially dismayed when they attached a catheter to free his bladder output .... Louise visited him after his operation & reported that he seemed ok, he died the next day

d: She: 10 July 1972, Framingham MA; 86 years old; dissecting aortic aneurism

Interred together, Evergreen Cem, Brighton MA; gravestone in place

THE FAMILY during the 1910's, 20's, 30's, 40's & 50's.... lived in Houlton ME, 412 Newbury St, Boston MA; Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA & at 344 Market St (where trolley cars during the 1930's traversed the street), 588 Cambridge St (interim) & 17 Henshaw St in Brighton.

The Market St residence, tel no.: STAdium 7312 (subsequently lost to the mortgage holder during the "depression").... a Federal style brick structure historically dated from the very early 1800's.... once belonged to the Spawhawk family, an early Brighton family.... and where Richard Joyce, Thomas Augustus, Daniel Joseph & Edward Daniel were b: .... had 8 rooms, 8 kids, 2 parents , 1 bathroom , a half busted furnace & an "ice box".... & where the 3 girls had the big bedroom, w/QA 4 posters, at the front of the house, 4 boys bunked in 2 smaller BRs in the rear & Tom was stashed, to keep him out of the way, in a mid-level room over the bathroom between the 2nd floor & the attic.... & where they served up shredded wheat w/ banana's, oatmeal w/ banana's, boiled dinners, roast beef or leg-of- lamb, & an occasional batch of brown bread from Annie Meikle's Bakery to go with the family baked beans .... & where ice cream was served only on one's birthday & when one was sick & at no other time .... & also where most of us, since it was a family business, experienced our first funeral wake .... where John & Dick shoveled snow from the driveway every winter .... where neighbor Mrs Sullivan of Bently St gave us kids money for odd jobs, snow shoveling, leaf raking.... where all of us kids sold magazines to Dr Fitzgerald, a retired MD living in a house to the rear of our house with his sisters, who would buy the "Saturday Evening Post" but not the "Womens Home Journal".... where brother Dick was allowed to borrow the family car to transport the rest of us & neighboring kids on evening excursions to Lake Walden now in elitist fashion known as Walden Pond.... where, in the field next to the house, Italian immigrant women hunted & picked wild dandelions, mother had tried cooking them for the family, but they were a little strong or pungent.... where, during the Holy Season of Lent, the entire family recited the rosary on their knees every night ....then the Ryan's lived on one side of us, the Sullivan's on the other.... Mr Ryan was a painting contractor (put 2 kids thru Harvard) & Mr Sullivan (aka "Son Sullivan") was a competitor Funeral Director/Undertaker. Across the street were the Smith's (he was an independent job printer), O'Donnell's (he was a news printer), Foley/Kernan's (totally poor, had nothing), Wright's & Vanelli's (grew grapes for wine making, but did'nt share) .... also across the street was the neighborhood candy store which at one time was operated by Eddie Kernan, who drank a little, followed by Hymie Rudolph & finally Harry Fershpan who had a daughter named "Frenchie" ..... Father Coughlin, the radio priest, active radical Socialist & anti-semite could be heard on any Sunday afternoon in most any Boston/Brighton household, but not ours, during this time; the RC Hierarchy belatedly shut him down .... our radio fare (no TV then) was generally conservative, Lowell Thomas w/Blue Sunoco (gasoline) & the 6:00 o'clock news, Bob Hope with his comedy, Kate Smith w/"God Bless America" & no "shoot-em-up" serials/programs, bad for kids --

At the Henshaw St residence, there were 10 rooms , less people but still only 1 bathroom and where for varing periods of time Aunt Mary Haggerty & Haggerty cousins Alice, Jack&Alice (Jack d: in Boston from an ulcer operation at Boston City Hospital), Louise & Margaret-Mary came to live, work, get educated & acculturated in Boston preparatory to transiting to the real world)

The family churched & had "Field Day's", an out-of-doors carnival-like merry-making fund raiser, at St Columbkilles RCCh where Sundays at 9am were reserved for the childrens mass followed by Sunday School at the local Catholic HS and again followed by more Sunday School at 2pm at the local church, following this, if one hustled, the local Egyptian Theatre, a cinema palace, featured a main attraction, a "B" pic & a couple of "shorts", all for 10¢, but one had to hurry to get it all in.... schooled under a number of Principal's: Miss Barry at the Winship primary school, Mr George Gammon at the Thomas A Edison junior high school along with Mr Somebody (?) at the William Howard Taft school & Mr Rich and Mr Joseph Leary at the Brighton High School and I dont know who (?) at St Columbkille's school or at Boston Latin School... barbered by Frank Curatola @ 25¢ per head.... tooth fixed, that is "fixed-for-a-fee" by Forsyth Dental Infirmary etal.... Sunday visited Benson's Animal Farm in Nashua NH, which, truly, had wild tigers & lions, but now GWTW, Franklin Park Zoo & relatives, (Costello's, Doyle's & Casey's ) in Franklin, Monson & Arlington MA &.... summered in Houlton ME during the 1930's, a logistic monster that required the tranportation of 10 people, 8 kids & 2 adults, in an old Pierce-Arrow touring car, or something like that, with all of there summer belongings in one automobile a distance of 300 miles in a day & 1/2's time; the seating arrangements required that Dan be in the rear near a window because he suffered from "car sickness", the "regurgies", simply put & that Tom be put in a front seat near a window for the same reason & also because he battled with everbody else, Louise was suppose to keep him calm, while mother from her rear seat kept Dan's head out of the window & in her spare time kept eveybody else who were strewn about in "jump" seats etc separated; the first journey leg took us to Old Town ME, just north of Bangor where we picnicked, looked for Indians, viewed the Penobscot River & bunked overnight. The next day brought us to Houlton where we searched for a summer place to stay & "settle in" which included the following: the McLoughlin's, a farmhouse on the Ridge Rd where we slept on canvass cots, cooked with a 3 jet oil ctove & roamed the adjacent farms, Haggerty's, also on the "Ridge", i.e. Ridge Rd, ("The Ridge" where mothers old boyfriend Walter Logan farmed & lived with his son Asel who was somewhat weird and referred to by the local & visiting girls as "Ass-el"), Donovan's, in Ludow where we visited often, Duncan Woodworth's cabin on the Wiley Rd, (where Bernie Mahoney summered with us once & ultimately served in the China-Burma-India Theatre of Operations in the USArmy) Dora Adam's farm where Dan & Ed summered in ~1942 & learned to pick mustard weed, Aunt Mary's house "in-town" where all the family girls lived, sometimes to their mothers chargrin, congregated and competed for the available men, where Mary Costello first met Jimmy Rush, a swain & at Riley's cottage at Nickerson Lake where the Bermans lived next door & his kids: Malcom, Elliot & Charlotte summered, Mr Max Berman had a retail shoe store "in town", & nearby were the Frenchs, who owned a drug store "in town" & where Oscar & Jane French summered (he died young).... swam in Carey Lake .... bathed in Bee Stream where everybody bathed .... picknic'ed at Burnt Bow [aka as Burnt Brow].... picked choke cherrys, goose berrys & hunted for spruce gum.... helped with the hay & potato harvests.... went to the "lawn party" for the benifit of St Mary's Church & School fund.... attended the Woodstock Fair.... visited Laverty relatives in Benton NB.... boated, swam & fished in Nickerson Lake.... went to "town" every Saturday night.... danced & had "refreshments" at the "Burdock" [in later years, that is, unbeknownst to any parents] which was a "roadhouse" located on Littleton Ridge where Jimmy Riley played the drums.... churched at St Mary's every Sunday and visited its graveyard where many of the Haggerty bones reside.... after church, went to Grand Lake or Birch Point at Pleasent Lake for swimming & picknic'ng with all the relatives.... returned to Boston just prior to Labor Day each year (dodged Bostons infantile paralysis outbreak one year [mid 1930's] and stayed an extra 2 months at Nickerson Lake, very cold in November).


               (JOYCE) COSTELLO                    HAGGERTY
            1848-1900 ; 1850-1886            1849-1922 ; 1858-1930
             He b: Co Mayo Ireland            He b: Ludlow ME USA
                Town: Ballindine            She: b: Oak Mtn NB Canada
                 Parish: Annagh
                Barony: Costello
                PLU: Claremorris                    
            She b: Co Mayo Ireland                            


Catherine, Mary, Edward, Bridget,      | 
   Thomas Richard & Ellen                                                                             
                                   John Edward,  Hannah Myrtle, Thomas Albert, 
                                      Elsie Louise, Mary Agnes, Walter Leo,
                                       Augustus Charles, Mildred Adelaide, 
                                         Gertrude Madolyn, Cecil Waldo &  
                                                  Clyde Elias 


|Louise Marie| Mary Veronica| Margaret Adelaide| John Patrick Jr| Richard Joyce| Thomas Augustus| Edward Daniel| Daniel Joseph| Peter Canine| More Costello Pix|

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