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The Family of


MASH one:|Martha Anne| John Edward| Hannah Myrtle| Thomas Albert| Elsie Louisa| Mary Agnes| Walter Leo| Augustus Charles| Mildred Adelaide| Gertrude Madolyn| Cecil Waldo| Clyde Elias| More Haggerty Pix|

Charles Haggerty & Louisa Laverty
Back Row: Martha Anne, Hannah Myrtle, John Edward;
Mid Row: G/M Louisa Laverty, Elsie Louise, G/F Charles, Thomas Albert;
Front: Walter Leo or Augustus Charles (lap), Mary Agnes (lap)...Taken during the 1890's

b: He: October 1849 Belfast Academy Grant (Ludlow ME, USA)

b: She: 11 March 1858 (1859/gravestone) Oak Mt, NB, Canada

Louisa Laverty Haggerty

m: 16 September 1884, Bangor ME USA; probably St Johns RCC by Rev McSweeney; 12 kids

                Martha Anne        m: John Patrick Costello
                  1885-1972             1881-1966    
                John Edward        m: Catherine P Langan
                  1886-1961             1886-1922
                                   m: Margaret Elliot
                Hannah Myrtle      m: Edward Clarence Donovan
                  1887-1969             1881-1939
                Thomas Albert      m: Mary sharkey
                  1888-?                ??
                Elsie Louise       m: John Harrison Lee
                  1891-1954             ??
                                   m: Herbert George Dibblee
                Mary Agnes         m: not
                Walter Leo         m: not
                Augustus Charles   m: Marguerite McKinnon
                  1896-1974             1905-1987
                Mildred Adelaide   m: not
                Gertrude Madolyn   m: not
                Cecil Waldo        m: not
                Clyde Elias        m: Blanche M Kiley
                  1902-1978             1904-1979

d: He: 29 March 1922 Bangor ME USA, age 72 years

d: She: 8 December 1930, Madigan Hosp, Houlton ME USA; 71 years

Interred together at St Marys RCCem, Houlton ME USA

Gravestone Inscription:



1849-1922 wife 1859-1930

* The Peter Haggerty family 
  arrived at the Littleton
  ME farm (Williams College
  Grant) during the 1860s
  from Ludlow ME (next door)
  prior to that the family
  migrated, sometime after
  1831, from Bangor ME

                                  |*  She worked for the Chalmers
                                      family as domestic person in
                                      a boarding house (1880 census)
                                      prior to her m: to Charles

* At the Littleton farm on
  Haggerty Ridge Rd, they 
  grew potatoes for market

* Charles acquired title to
  the farm from his mother
* He was a prosperous farmer,
  tax collector and Littleton
  ME community leader; "the
  WASPs respected him"
* Reported to have been appointed
  by the USA President to help
  open northern CA (?)

* He was b: and raised in Ludlow ME
  (Belfast Academy Grant) where
  Haggerty Hill and Brook are prominent 

 * After his return from CA to the 
   Littleton farm, he assumed its 
   management and where Louisa was
   taking care of his mother, they,
   there met and were married

                                   |* Others have described her as:
                                      "witty", "a charmer",
                                      "a great cook","loved to
                                      entertain", had great parties
                                      when the girls (her dau's)
                                      came home to visit","the
                                      teachers all stayed at the
                                      Haggertys, it was fun";
                                      "she met the 1928 USA
                                      presidential nominee Al Smith
                                      in Albany  NY"; "her daughters
                                      made her dresses for the visit" 

* The farm which was once prosperous
  is now (1998) unworked and down
  to 125 acres; the barn has blown
  away; the farmhouse remains

* Charles w/family were included
  in the USA National Census from
  1860-1900 for both Ludlow & Littleton ME

                                  |* Distantly related to Dr Joe                                            Donovan, the family physician,
                                     thru his mother(?) 
* Great Teddy Roosevelt supporter
* Known as "big Charley" to 
  distinguish him from "little
  Charley Haggerty", his cousin,
  who lived down the road

* Charter member of the Littleton
  Grange communicant of St Marys,
  RCCh Houlton ME

                                |* She managed the farm w/her sons
                                   after Charles demise/death and
                                   subsequently passed the property
                                   to son Clyde; farm is now owned
                                   by his daughter (1998),
                                   Mrs Madolyn Boutilier of Houlton ME

* Suffered severe & acute depression
  in later years, a disease that was
  rampant in the Haggerty family,
  described as "a worry wart", 15 years
  in a Bangor hosp, noted in the 1920 
  USA census for Penobscot Co, Bangor ME
  as a patient in the Bangor State Hosp;
  four, then living,sons acted as pall
  bearers at his funeral: John, Albert,
  Augustus & Clyde

* Formal education advocate; ascertained
  that all of his children get the best
  education avail: Martha, Mildred & Madolyn,
  all received formal private & nurseing
  school education, Mary & Elsie were 
  business school grads; son Thomas Albert
  attended Bates; all others attended school.
  His kids in turn all became education

                              |* Suffered from arthritis for 
                                 which she applied lard as a 
                                 palliative & Brights disease & 
                                 arterio sclerosis during her
                                 later years;  obit..."cheerful
                                 in adversity and upheld by an
                                 ardent faith, she was an
                                 interesting companion whos 
                                 memory will be cherished by a
                                 large circle of friends"

In one family transaction, Nancy Haggerty, Charles mother loaned him $1300 and he in return pledged the family farm (108 acres) in support of the loan; the loan could be satisfied , though, by the following:

" I Charles Haggerty, shall, will and truly support and maintain said Nancy Haggerty during her natural life on the above described premises, and shall provide her with a suitable room, bed, bedding, clothing, fuel and fire, food , drink, medicine and medical attendance, and nurseing when sick, and all other necessaries according to her age and condition in life, and shall treat her with kindness and consideration, and shall maintain her cow for her, on said place, free of expense to her...."

Ggm Nancy did'nt fool around, even from her kids she got it in writing, especially where her cow was involved

|See contract ... X|

Dr O'Regan, NYC surgeon, performed hysterectomys on Mildred Haggerty, Myrtle Haggerty Donovan & Elsie Haggerty Lee Dibblee


      HAGGERTY                           LAVERTY                            

He: 1807 Ireland-1881 USA
She: 1807 Ireland-1886 USA            He: 1815 Ireland-1860's,                                                    d: possibly PA, USA
                                      She: 1831 Ireland-1890 USA

Both interred together in             Hannah is interred alone in 
St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME USA       St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME USA
(gravestone in place, 1998)           (gravestone in place, 1998)
They emigrated Co Donegal Ireland     He emigrated Co Armagh Ireland w/his mother prior to 1829 to         1816 w/parents to Carlton Co, 
Canada, then to Bangor ME USA         NB Canada; 
then to Bangor ME                   
                                      He, naturalized/USA: June 1846   She: b: Ireland
He, naturalized/USA: September 1846   


Mary Ann, Bridget Sophia, Nancy,
Peter Jr, Margaret, John, James,
Thomas, Francis.            

                                       Mary Elizabeth, John, William,
                                       Annie Jane, Hannah, Edward & Henry                        

MASH one:|Martha Anne| John Edward| Hannah Myrtle| Thomas Albert| Elsie Louisa| Mary Agnes| Walter Leo| Augustus Charles| Mildred Adelaide| Gertrude Madolyn| Cecil Waldo| Clyde Elias| More Haggerty Pix|

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