The Family of


|Catherine| Mary|Edward| John Patrick|Bridget|Thomas Richard| Ellen|

                    |                                       |
                    |                                       |
                    |                                       |
   |***************************|                            **************|
   |                           |                                          |    
   |                   |****************|           |**************|      |
John Costello ,,,,,,   | THOMAS RICHARD |***********|BRIDGET JOYCE |******| 
  1848-1922        |   |    COSTELLO    |     |     |  1850-1886   |      |        
      m:           |   **** 1850-1900 ***     |     ****************      | 
 Mary Mullahy      |                          |                           |                        1848-?        |                          |                           |                                      |                         |      CATHERINE JOYCE******|                  
                   |                          |         1847-1915         | 
                   |                          |                           |
                   |                          |                           |
Mary Costello ,,,,,|                          |       MARTIN JOYCE ********       
1869-?             |                          |         1853-1881 
                   |                          |
                   |                          |
Michael Costello ,,|   CATHERINE COSTELLO ****|
1871-?             |      1875-1918           |
                   |                          |
                   |                          | 
John Costello Jr ,,|      MARY COSTELLO ******|
1873-?             |        1877-1897         |
                   |                          |
                   |                          |
Catherine Costello,|     EDWARD COSTELLO *****|
1876-?             |        1879-1881         |
                   |                          |
                   |                          |
Richard Costello ,,|      JOHN PATRICK        |
1879-?             |        COSTELLO *********|
                   |       1881-1966          |
                   |                          |
Sarah Costello ,,,,+    BRIDGET COSTELLO *****|
1887-?                       1886-?           |
                         THOMAS RICHARD       |
                           COSTELLO II *******|
                            1883-1972         |
                         ELLEN COSTELLO ******|

b: He: 1848/1850 Ballindine, Co Mayo, Ireland

b: She: 1850 Co Mayo, Ireland

Ballindine: a small villiage 3 miles south of Claremorris on the N17 in Annagh parish (maybe, Crossboyne Parish), Costello Barony & Poor Law Union of Claremorris

m: 6 February 1875, St Mary's RCCh, Thorndike MA USA by Rev. FJ Lynch; m: 11 years

|PIX: Marriage Certificate|

As attested to by AA Gage, Monson MA Town Clerk: "The intention of marriage between Thomas Costello and Bridget Joyce both of Monson was duly entered this 26th day of April 1874"

             7 children: 
             Catherine Costello          m: Franklin T Hibert
               1875-1918                      ??
             Mary Costello               m: not 
             Edward Costello             m: not 
             John Patrick Costello       m: Martha Anna Haggerty
               1881-1966                      1885-1972
             Thomas Richard Costello Jr  m: Joanna Louise Hanson
               1883-1972                      1882-1934
                                         m:  Kathleen McKenney
             Bridget Costello            m:  ?John Rourke?
               1886-?                          ??
             Ellen Costello              m: not known

d: He: 8 April 1900, Mercy Hosp, Springfield, MA USA, pithisis pulmanalis, 52 years old

According to the Springfield Daily Republican newspaper on Tuesday, April 10, 1900: "Thomas Costello, who has been a the House of Mercy hospital for treatment for some time, died there Sunday. He was a well known resident of Monson, and his body will be taken there for burial."

d: She: 9 March 1886 Monson MA USA; 36 years old, pneumonia, informant: JP & NW Rand

             Interred together in Bethany RCCem, Monson MA, 
              along w/3 of their children: Mary, Edward & 
              Ellen in the Dower family plot. Additionally 
             included in the lot are, Catherine Joyce Dower
                      & her brother Martin Joyce
              There are three additional unidentified sets 
                 of burial remains located in this plot,
               possible Costello children: still-born
                    male & Bridget; also, possibly
                   John Dower, husband of Catherine 

|PIX: Gravesite|

|PIX: Martin Joyce USA Citizenship doc|

The Costellos and Costelloes are the decendents of the Anglo-Norman name de Nangle, who arrived soon after the "conquest" (read 1066), and settled in Connacht. The name is recorded in the "Annals of the Four Masters", with references, dating from the year 1193, when the name had changed to Oistealb. The name futher evolved to MacGoisdelbh and subsequently, to MacGoisdealbh. L ater anglicized to MacCostello. Their stronghold was established in the Barony of Costello, near Ballaghaderreen then in Co Mayo, but now in Co Roscommon.

        HE:                                 SHE:
* In the 1894 Monson Directory Thomas
  was noted as a quarryman & lived with 
  his daughter Mary in the Davis block 
  at North Main St.

* Possible brother Richard Costello
  lived in a nurseing home in Monson
  MA during the 1920's-1930's;
  according to Louise Costello, 
  no existing records                                                

* Thomas Richard Costello arrived USA 
  probably w/ brother JOHN COSTELLO &
  family (wife Mary [Mallahy] & kids
  Mary & Michael) and possibly brother
  RICHARD COSTELLO, c.1872, from the
  town of  Ballindine Co Mayo, Ireland .

                               |* Bridget Worked in the Monson woolen
                                  mills according to the 1870 USA census 

* Costello nephew's:
   Michael served as Franklin's 
   Post Master; 

   Normando served as an general
   officer in the USArmy (his son
   George was KIA in the Viatnam
   Richard, founded a real estate
   business in Franklin MA
                               |* The Joyces, Bridget at 9 years old, 
                                  her sister Kate at 11 years old &
                                  brother Martin at 6 years old arrived
                                  in the USA in 1859. They may have been
                                  orphaned. Possible Joyce family members
                                  have not been located in Ireland.
                               |* Catherine (Joyce) Dower served as 
                                  surrogate mother in keeping the 
                                  family together when her sister
                                  Bridget d: young. They were placed
                                  with relatives during their early
                                  years,then re-united when they could
                                  embark on their own. The relatives
                                  who supported them during these years
                                  have never been identified or located

* There were other Costello family's
  in both Monson & Franklin MA in
  the latter 19thC. & early 20thC.
  but are apparently unrelated to
  Thomas Richard & his brother John


Records indicate they were from the town of 
Ballindine, Annagh parish, Costello Barony
  & the Poor Law Union of Claremorris                               
                                            MARTIN & MARY JOYCE
                                            Both of Co Mayo, Ireland


        JOHN COSTELLO                                                       ;
    b: 24 June 1848 Co Mayo Ireland
    d: 24 April 1922, Franklin MA, 
                                          CATHERINE A (JOYCE) DOWER 
                                        b: 1847 Ireland, d: 18 January 1915,
                                          USA; arterio sclerosis; domestic
                                           servant for the Holmes family, 
                                           Monson MA;  no known children           

     RICHARD COSTELLO (??)                               
     b: Co Mayo Ireland; 
     d: probably Monson MA
    no corroborating records)

                                                 MARTIN JOYCE 
                                         b: 22 June 1853 Co Mayo Ireland,
                                          d: 26 December 1881 Monson MA
                                      USA; painter; single (probably never
                                         married); arrived NYC 6 May 1859,
                                        USA/naturalized 7 October 1876
                                              or 3 November 1876



b: 17 December 1875, Monson MA, attended by Dr Fuller

m: FRANKLIN T HIBERT 27 February 1900 at 24 years of age by James Donohue, Priest Westfield MA ; he: a motorman, b: Peru MA; she: housemaid/housewife; lived at 5 High St Westfield; 5 kids:

WILLIAM , b: 29 November 1901, served in France during WW1 with the US Merchant Marine; migrated to LA; son Edward J Hibert as well as other descendents reside there. From Gwen Schilling, Williams daughter......."My dad left Westfield, age 15. Was actually put out by his stepmother from 'her' home. He joined the Merchant Marine, was in France ( WW1 ) & discharged in Louisana and the rest is the beginning of my generation and partial break from the Hibert's. I remember dad speaking of an Uncle Tom with whom he had a good relationship in his growing years . His mom passed at age 45. I'm sure that was the beginning of his downfall. Grandpa's remarriage was when he realized he was not the welcomed stepson. Joe ( the youngest boy ) & Eddie (the second son) were still young enough that she could control. So sad when we are young - family gone is family forgotten".

FRANKLIN , b: 2 Oct 1903, d: May 1974, LIC NY; SSN: 112-09-8517

CATHERINE , b: 12 August 1906...

EDWARD , b: 23 May 1910, m: DOLORES BORGERON 25 May 1935, at St Marys RCC, Westfield MA ; she d: July 1988, Russell MA; he d: April 1983, Russell MA...his SSN: 013-22-2105; her's, SSN: 020-01-0188; Martha & John Costello received an invitation to their wedding in Westfield MA, as follows:

                  19 McKinley Terr
                  Westfield Mass 
                  May 10, 1935

                  Dear Mr and Mrs Costello:

                  Edward Hibert and I are to be married on May 25th
                  in St Mary's at 9 o'clock . We want you and your
                  family to come to the ceremony; and to a small
                  breakfast at my mother's in Waconoco directly

                  Dolores Borgeron 

JOHN, b: 4 July 1910

d: 24 January 1918, 42 years old; toxemia of pregnancy, interred St Mary's RCCem Westfield MA ...(return)


b: 22 June 1877, Monson MA, attended by Dr Smith

d: 20 November 1897, 20 years old, TB, interred Bethany RCCem, Monson MA

m: Not


b: 29 October 1879, Monson MA

d: 12 March 1881, hydrocepahlos, interred Bethany RCCem , Monson MA


b: 16 March 1881, Monson MA, attended by Dr Smith; bap 20 March 1881 St Patricks RCCh, Monson MA

m: MARTHA ANNE HAGGERTY, 30 June 1915 St Cecilia's RCCh, Boston MA, Officiating: Rev JOHN J McGARRY, Witnesses: THOMAS COSTELLO & MARY HAGGERTY; 8 kids:

d:14 February 1966, Boston MA, 84 years old, prostate cancer/surgery

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b: 18 February 1886, Monson MA; bap 24 February 1886, St Patricks RCCh, Monson MA

m: John Rourke (?)

d: Grave site unknown, may be in the Dower family plot at Bethany RCCem, Monson MA


b: 6 February 1883 , Monson MA

Boss dyer, Monson MA, Boston MA & Corinna ME, SSN 005-03-4626; resided Ware, Monson, Franklin, Brighton all in MA; and in Corinna ME; many decendents live in ME, often described as a "good natured scout with big feet". Was most generous, both He & Aunt Jenny, with coin to all of his neices & nephews who visited. According to the 1880 National Census for Hampden Co, Monson MA, Aunt Jenny's parents, Charles & Bridget Hanson had a boarding house containing 13 members, probably local mill workers. He was b: in Norway; she in Ireland.

m: JOANNA LOUISE HANSON, 18 April 1917, St Patricks RCCh Monson MA; (she d: 1934 interred w/son THOMAS III (he d: 21 December 1981) in Bethany RCCem, Monson MA; 3 kids:

HELEN MARY, b:21 February 1918, Ware MA; d: 2 January 1992, unmarried, interred Village Cem, Corinna ME; worked in Brighton MA for many years, SSN: 028-12-9943.

KATHERINE PATRICIA ( HILL ), b; 10 March 1919, Ware MA; m: RALPH C HILL 25 April 1942, St Gabriels RCC Brighton MA, d: August 1985, interred Village Cem, Corinna ME...attended Simmons College, Boston MA, SSN: 015-18-3963

THOMAS RICHARD III b: 1922, d: 21 December 1981, Norwich CT; ..... was feeling ill one eve, went out in his auto for a short trip, was found by the roadside in his auto by the state troopers, died from an apparent heart attack; interred w/his mother in Bethany RCCem Monson MA ... was a popular guy; purchased a "rag top" roadster during the 1930's with his mother's estate monies and entertained all of his friends; ...... served in the USArmy/WW2; m: Marion Agnes Andrews, (b: 11 January 1932, of English-French ancestry from Guilford ME, was a Sr Nurses Aide; d: 6 February 1999, Corinna ME, age 67 years; interred in Crosby & Neal Private Vault, Newport ME) (maybe temporary interment, Costello family plot, in which Marion purchased additional space, is located at Bethany RCCem, Monson MA)

(Aunt NEL HANSON was surragate mother for the children after her sisters early death)

m: KATHLEEN J McKENNEY, 19 February 1944 , Immaculate Conception RCCh, Portsmouth NH, Rev James H Brennan officiated, Catherine Delaney & Ann Frisbee witnessed ; no children

d: 22 March 1972, Corinna ME, interred Corinna Villiage Cem w/children: HELEN & KATHERINE & wife, KATHLEEN ...(return)


Interred w/parents in Bethany RCCem, Monson MA (noted in Bethany records as a child of THOMAS & BRIDGET COSTELLO

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