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Thomas Albert Haggerty, WW1

b: 7 November 1888, Littleton ME; bap: 29 December 1888, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Farmer.... cook, hotel worker, Houlton ME.... US Army WW1.... served 101st Trench Mortar Battery, 26th Division, AEF.... enlisted at 28 years of age, NG Lewiston ME.... 4 July 1917.... SN 147096.... reported for Federal service 25 July 1917.... appointed cook from private 20 August 1917.... Engagements: 2nd Battle of the Marne, July-August 1918; St Mihiel Offensive; Battle of Meuse- Argonne.... overseas: 9 October 1917 to 12 March 1919.... honorably discharged 26 March 1919.... character: excellant, no unauthorized absences.... paid in full at Camp Devens MA, $81.46 including a $60.00 government bonus.... earned the Bronze Victory Medal.... described on his discharge papers as having brown eyes, light brown hair, medium complexion and 5 feet 9 inches in height.... Bates Col, 2years.... chef baker.... bakery owner.... suffered from depression.... resided Lewiston ME

m: Mary Sharkey (aka Pearl); 25 November 1920; (she lived in a nurseing home for a long while during her declining years)

d: Interred Togas Military Cem, Togas ME




Elsie Louisa Haggerty Lee Dibblee, (c), w/kids: Arthur (l) & Ruth Dibblee (r) Clockwise, top: Mary Louise Lee O'Shea,
Arthur Dibblee,
Ruth Dibblee Cogan
Elsie Haggerty Lee Dibblee |See the big Pix ... X|

b: 17 March 1891, Littleton ME; bap: 23 May 1891, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Owned a country store w/husband Herbert Dibblee which was on the road to Woodstock NB near the Canada border; saleslady in Houlton; resided in Houlton ME all of her life

m: John Harrison Lee; b: MI, 1890; father b: ME, mother b: MI; was a farmer (1910 census) who owned his mortgaged farm in Littleton ME; d: TB/pnuemonia; 3 kids:

Majorie J:.... b: 16 July 1914.... d: 12 January 1997....

Majorie Lee Gann

spent early years residing with GM Louisa at Littleton Ridge.... lifetime RN.... resided OKCity, OK.... m: 25 September 1946, in OK, to Baxter Gann, a US Marine home from duty in SoPac (WW2), whom she met while working in SF.... w: Mary Haggerty, Aunt & Best Lady.... (while I was passing thru SF going oversea's Majorie made sure this soldier went to Sunday Mass & had enough beer for the weekend, EDC).... migrated w/Bax to OKCity, OK.... raised a family, 4 kids: Bill, James, Tom & Mary.... he worked, now retired, USAF (civil), Tinker AF Base.... she private duty nurse.... both retired 1977.... she interred: Resurrection Mem RCCem, OKCiyu, OK

|PIX: Redd's & Gann's| |See Bax note ... X|

Earl: interred Jacksonville FL

Mary Louise (Lee) O'Shea.... resided NYC.... secretary to the president of St John's Univ.... 2 sons earned full scolarships at Power Mem HS NYC & Iona Col Westchester Co NY.... son , Johnny, a teacher, tought math at one time, PhD, NYU, political science.... 2 daughters: Nancy (O'Shea) Mercante (4 kids: Joseph, James, Marie & Theresa) & Mary Elizabeth O'Shea, m: dissolved, educated at Mary Lewis Academy, Jamaica, NY ....interred with other family members in Gate of Heaven RCCem, White Plains NY

|PIX: Some of the O'Shea's, I think|

m: Herbert George Dibblee, 12 August 1918, Houlton ME.... b: 8 January 1874.... d: July 1962.... SSN 007-12-5638; at one time had an automobile agency which accepted horses in trade for new automobiles; not well liked by & often accused by his sisters-in-law of wife beating; last years were spent living with daughter Ruth in NYC; he died when on a trip to his childhood home in NB Canada, where he was interred, his kids did not attend his funeral; 2 Kids:

Arthur.... d: 14 January 1997.... served in the USArmy 31 March 1941 to 23 October 1945.... resided in FL.... cremated in New Port Ritchie, FL, his stepdaughter made the arrangements.... had 4 wives.... no known kids

Ruth.... b: 5 March 1922.... m: Randy Cogan, dissolved in Mexico; m: to two others, one was named Andy.... d: June 1971, cremated.... interred Gate of Heaven RCCem White Plains NY.... Evelyn Costello, Muriel Seibert (1st lady of the NYSE & State of NY financial official) & Majorie Gann attended.... she worked for Mr Merkle at the Madison Fund.... great antique collector.... last husband was suspected of "pushing pills into her", according to her Aunt Mildred, who knows.... no kids.... SSN: 076-18-6063

|PIX: Gravesite|

d: 19 December 1954; heart decease; interred St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME, gravestone in place



Mary Haggerty & niece Theresa HaggertyMary Haggerty &
niece Theresa Haggerty
|See the Big Pix ...X|

b: 9 September 1892, Littleton ME; bap: 23 October 1892, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Exec secretary.... once owned a Studebaker auomobile roadster, known as "studie".... not married.... resided Maple St Houlton ME, Boston MA, NYC.... helped bring up the Costello kids.... aka "Dolly" & "Ag"

d: 4 December 1950.... NYC.... age 58 years.... stroke.... interred St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME.... gravestone in place

|PIX: Madolyn, Mildred, Mary, early on|


b: 24 April 1894, Littleton ME

d: 24 August 1894; cholera; interred St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME, gravestone in place



b: 16 April 1896, Littleton ME; bap: 3 July 1896, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Farmer.... Houlton ME town policeman.... carpenter.... quit school in the 6th grade to work the farm at Littleton Ridge.... quit farming at 29 years of age after being kicked by a horse.... "never drank or smoked".... "worry wart".... when visiting sister Mildred in NYC, he attended daily mass at St Patricks and visited Radio City Music Hall.... resided Littleton Ridge, Houlton ME, Manchester CT.... SSN 006-14-9261.... 6 kids:

m: Marguerite McKinnon; 12 May 1925, St Mary's RCC, Houlton ME; (b: 27 February 1905; d: 8 May 1987, Hartford CT); w: Leland McKinnon & Agnes McKinnon; SSN 004-16-0124

d: 8 November 1974, @ 4am, Manchester CT; 78 years old; kidney trouble; "down to 140 pounds"

Dolores Louise (Jordan).... m: Robert L Jordan of Andalusia AL, 27 December 1952.... d: 29 April 2000 ....7 kids, 16 grandkids

Marie Jean (Cory).... 7 kids.... summers, 5 months of the year at the old custom house border station in the Houlton ME area w/husband Fred (d: 23 December 2000) .... son Dan farms 400 acres in nearby Monticello.... acquired nearby land free that once contained her Aunt Elsie's & Uncle Herb Dibblee's retail store.... her Aunt Mil says, "Marie looks & talks much like her Gm Louisa Laverty Haggerty

Agnes Mary Brid'gie (Luby).... worked her way thru the Univ of Maine.... she and husband were both schoolteachers.... 5 kids

Ann Marguerite; (O'Brien) , Laurel Hill, FL; 9 kids.

Charles Augustus.... b: 16 July 1934, Houlton ME.... d: 29 June 1994 in Anchorage AL.... 6 kids: Patricia, Barbara, Agustus, Bernard, Kevin & Daniel.... resided 34 years, Anchorage AL.... served in the USAir Force.... m: dissolved.... former wife has a nurseing home in Mapleton Iowa.... had a nervous breakdown

Thomas.... m: Gail Shea.... a marine engineer.... school teacher.... served in the US Marine Corp.... he & his father were life long best friends.... reside Pawcatuck CT.... 1 dog, 1 cat



b: 14 July 1898, Littleton ME; bap: 17 December 1899, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

The following contained in correspondence between Mildred & her niece:

Graduated from St Josephs RC HS in Bangor ME.... sister Martha made her graduation dress of organdy and it was described as the prettist dress in the class.... thought Martha was a great dressmaker with great taste; sister Mary gave her a camera.... also attending was sister Madolyn & niece Mary Louise Lee (O'Shea) as flower girl

Lifetime practising RN; grad St Vincent's Hosp Nurseing School, NYC.... resided NYC from 1920's-1980's

Worked for Gen Motors at the 1939 Worlds Fair, NYC, Catholic Charities, NYC the Manhattan Eye & Ear Hosp & many others plus private nurseing

Big on reading and self education

In NYC, she and sister Madolyn were "roomies", off & on

"had the gout", as a result, the Dr ordered her off red meat, off the booze and off condiments, a regimen that lasted two weeks, at the end of which she celebrated with a couple of martini's.... sister Martha was tolerant of a drink , though, sister Myrtle was'nt

Pearl Haggerty willed her $300 with which she purchased a new Zenith B/W TV set & had some cysts removed from her scalp

Thought the Peter & Nancy Haggerty family trek from Ireland to the Bangor ME happened after the Revolutionery War in the 1700's (?) and thence to Aroostook Co in the 1820's .... (USA citizenship records state that Peter Haggerty arrived in the USA, 1831, from NB Canada)

Thought Thomas Jefferson was the greatest of US Presidents, educated & intellectual

Active with Tammany Hall (democrat political outpost) when first in NYC.... but " voted republican".... "never voted for FDR (Roosevelt)".... "big Jimmie Walker fan" (1920's NYC mayor who liked fun, frolics & graft more than honest management of NYC).... "voted for President Warren Harding" (another fun & games lover), (insisted that Harding was "taken in" by an ambitious wife & crooked friends, ie Teapot Dome scandal).... voted for all other Republican presidential nominee's".... "liked Barry Goldwater".... disliked JFKennedy, "bad egg", "his father was the same".... although a big supporter of Nixon at first, concluded he was a "chauvinist pig"

She says "Mamie Conlogue knows the family history"

Continually housed trasiting relatives from the farm on Littleton Ridge to the big outside world: Ruth Dibblee, Jim Haggerty (6 years), Mary Louise Lee (O'Shea), Majorie Lee (Gann), Tim Donovan , Dick Costello (was his god mother), et al

Entertained a continual stream of visiting relatives.... sister Martha treked to NYC religiously once a year for a shopping & cinima fix.... nephew Wilfred Donovan alway stayed a few days enroute to Albany for his annual government meetings.... nephew Edward visited during the 1939 NY Worlds Fair.... cousin Gerald Laverty while in the army during 1955 enjoyed a theatre visit with her where she promtly sucumbed to deep snoring sleep

Usually had a couple of drinks at 4pm, preferred vodka in later yesrs, then dined at 7:30pm

Managed Ruth (Dibblee) Cogan etc burial at Gate of Heaven RCCem dispite RCCh strictures

Worried about Margaret Mary Haggerty's mental condition

Thought men liked Louise Costello Barkin for her beauty & charm like her Gm Louisa Laverty Haggerty..... was thrilled when Dick Costello & Arthur Dibblee phoned her on mothers day

Survived all of her sisters (5)

Her final estate contained assets of $990.34 & expenses of $990.34

SSN 123-03-6518

not married

d: June 1980, NYC, found in her apartment after 7 days, she had been the family historian, NYC Board of Health probably destroyed all of her records; services at Holy Family RCCh NYC; interred Gate of Heaven RCCem, White PLains NY; Walter B Cooke Funeral Home managed the funeral

|PIX: Madolyn, Mildred, Mary, early years|
|PIX: Gravesite|


b: 28 September 1899, Littleton ME; bap: 17 December 1899, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME;

Lifetime practising RN, mostly private nurseing, worked for many years for members of President Roosevelt's family; grad Peter Bent Brigham Hosp Nurseing School, Boston MA, 1922, her sister Martha helped with the tuition payments; resided NYC 1920's-1970's; SSN 102-22-2181; not married

d: 10 March 1973 in ME; interred Gate of Heaven RCCem, White Plains NY...Dan Costello, John Costello, Tommy Haggerty, Wilfred Donovan & Rev William Abbott attended the funeral

|PIX: Madolyn, Mildred, Mary, early years|
|PIX: Gravesite|


b: 21 November 1900, Littleton ME; bap: 28 April 1901, St Mary's RCC, Houlton ME

d: 3 June 1903; childhood fire accident; interred St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME, gravestone in place



b: 5 March 1902, Littleton ME; bap: 13 July 1902, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Farmer.... Littleton ME.... inherited the Haggerty family homestead at Littleton Ridge, which he sold piecemeal through time to the neighboring Fitzpatrick's.... remaining property now owned, 1998, by his daughter, Madolyn (Haggerty) Boutilier.... SSN 005-12-6502; "did not complete high school".... "had the shingles, down to 130 pounds".... had emphsema.... once offered his nephew, John DeNapoli, entree to his private wine cellar, which happened to be in the trunk of his car, in order to toast the Haggerty clan; how the event further transpired is unrecorded .... 2 kids

m: Blanche M Kiley; 10 November 1926, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME, o: Rev Silke, w: James Daley & Esther Kiley ; (b: 2 May 1904, d: December 1979, Houlton ME, SSN 006-64-6070)

|PIX: Blanche Kiley Haggerty & child|

d: 21 August 1978; age 76 years; coronary artery occlusion; interred w/Blanche; (age 75 years), St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME, gravestone in place

Therese Winifred; b: 15 July 1929, d: ?; interred St Mary's RCCem Houlton ME, gravestone in place

Madolyn Gertrude (Boutilier); b: 6 December 1932 ; m: Keith E Boutilier 10 February 1956

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