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1849 (gravestone), October 1850 (St Gertrudes RCCh bap records) Belfast Academy Grant (Ludlow ME); bap: 24 December 1851, St Gertrude's RCCh, Woodstock NB Canada, sp: Dominic Sweeney & Sarah McGroarty

From the records of St Gertrude's RCCh , Woodstock NB Canada: "On the twenty fourth of December eighteen hundred and fifty one I have baptised Charles aged fourteen months born of the lawful marriage of Peter Hagerty and Nancy McGuire. The sponsors being Dominic Sweeney and Sarah McGroarty. s/s Tho Connolly, Missionary"

Recipient of the Ridge Rd , Littleton ME farm property from his mother, property that has since passed on to Madolyn (Haggerty) Boutilier, current owner, 1998, through her father, Clyde Haggerty; prosperous potato farmer; met / m: Louisa Laverty while she was nurse attending his mother during her declining years; 12 kids:


LOUISA LAVERTY, then residing in Bangor ME, 16 September 1884, Bangor ME, probably at St John's RCCh (no record); 12 kids

From the records of St Gertrude's RCCh, Woodstock NB Canada: "On the 28th of June eighteen hundred and fifty nine I have baptised Louisa age two months born of the lawful marriage of William Lafferty and Hannah Kelly. The sponsors being James Ryan and Eliza Crabb. Tho Crowley, Pastor"


29 March 1922, Bangor ME, acute depression, 73 years old, interred w/ Louisa at St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME

12 kids:

MARTHA ANNE, 1885-1972; teacher; RN; m: JOHN PATRICK COSTELLO ; Boston MA Funeral Director; 8 kids.

JOHN EDWARD, 1886-1961; Littleton Ridge ME farmer; m: CATHERINE LANGAN , 1886-1922, 6 kids; m: MARGARET ELLIOT , 1891-1988, 4 kids

HANNAH MYRTLE, 1887-1969; Ludlow farm wife & manager; m: EDWARD C DONOVAN , 1883-1939; Ludlow ME farmer; 5 kids.

THOMAS ALBERT, 1888- ??; Lewiston ME chef, baker; WW1 vet; m: MARY (Pearl) SHARKEY , ??-??, no kids.

Elsie Louisa, 1891-1954; m: John Lee , ??-??; ME forester; 3 kids; m: Herbert George Dibblee, 1874-1962; Houlton ME business man; 2 kids.

MARY AGNES, 1892-1950; Houlton ME, Boston MA, NYC exec secretary; not married.

AUGUSTUS CHARLES, 1896 - 1974; Littleton ME farmer, Houlton ME town cop, CT carpenter; m: MARGUERITE McKINNON , 1905-1987; 6 kids

WALTER LEO, 1894 - 1894; childhood death

MILDRED ADELAIDE, 1898 - 1980; NYC RN; not married; purportedly received the Haggerty family papers from Littleton Ridge (existance unknown).

GERTRUDE MADOLYN, 1899 - 1973; NYC RN; not married

CECIL WALDO, 1900 - 1903; childhood death

CLYDE ELIAS 1902 - 1978; Littleton Ridge ME farmer; m: BLANCHE M KILEY , 1904 - 1979; 2 kids: THERESE WINIFRED & MADOLYN GERTRUDE


James "Son of Peter", so noted on the gravestone of Peter & Nancy Haggerty at St Mary's RCCem, Houlton ME; infant death, lived 1 year 6 months, died 14 September 1846


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