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|Charles Henry| Martha Ellen| Elizabeth Jane| Julia| Edmond Peter|Lillian|

^... E5...Edmond Peter (Eddie)

b: 3 June 1866, Deer Island ME; later spent childhood times at Littleton Ridge ME; as a young man and after a winter of logging in northern ME, he ( maybe after philosophical differences w/his Gf Peter Haggerty Sr ; ("I knew the old man would be waiting to take my money when I got off the boat...so I just stayed on") moved on to millwright and logging jobs in Butte MT, MI, MN & followed the harvest from Kansas to the Dakota's; thence to WI, places near Stillwater and the St Croix River like Houlton WI ( possibly to connect with his uncle, Thomas Haggerty who had settled there); was a landlord ; owned waterfront property on the St Croix River; was a fair card player; was in the land business; acquired the retail store and post office operation from his uncle Tom which later went "bust" ( long on credit, short on collections ); introduced pre-fab house building techniques to the area ( 1880's-1910's ); moved on to Glendive in eastern MT ( 1918 ), to farming & carpentry work ; campaigned for public office; m: Mary Jane (Mamie) O'Connell in WI on 28 April 1897; ( the O'Connell's migrated from Ireland during the mid-1840's to NYC; the larger part of the family moved south, the remainder took up .farming in Jewitt WI [a location now GWTW] ) ; raised a large family which was education & orthodoxed Roman Catholic oriented, 9 kids:

|PIX: The kids|

From "Red" Haggerty, his son: "He was born June 2 1866 on Deer Island Maine. While still very young, he and his brother Charles lived at times , at least, with their grandfather in the northern part of the state , where grandfather worked in timber, even in the deep snow. I do not recollect that he ever mentioned his father. I do remember that he recounted making trips, I imagine with his grandfather, on sailing ships up and down the eastern coast."

From Frances Haggerty Bidwell (his daughter): "I often wondered just what happened in my dad's early life, that made him so resentful of his family. He would never talk about them, and whenever my mother wanted to try to get in touch with him, he would say ""just leave things as they are - we are better off to not know them"" . I suppose it could have been the fact that his mother had this younger sister Lillian, who was illigitimate, but I cant believe that that would make him so bitter. I know that his grandfather was a pretty stern old man, and heavy on the punishment. Maybe some day, if you keep digging something might come to light. it will have to be soon - while some of that generation are still alive."

Maurice P Haggerty, b:?; building contractor; m: ?

                + Patricia
                + Peggy

Helen Marie Haggerty; teacher; m: ___ Nisson; m: ____ Dunbar; bap: St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN, 26 August 1900, w: John Burns & Anna McGoldrick, by Rev. Charles Corcoran

                + Robert

Frances Clara Haggerty; teacher; m: Bernard Bidwell; bap: 13 April 1902, w: Tim O'Connell & Elizabeth Buckley, by: Rev. Charles Corcoran, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN

                + Majorie
                + Berniece
                + Dora Jean
                + Jimmy
                + Bernard
                + Kenneth
                + Janet

Edward Charles (Bud) Haggerty, building contractor; bap: Edward Charles Haggerty, 16 December 1903, w: John & Margaret O'Connell, by: Rev.Charles Corcoran, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN

                + Merelyn
                + Geraldine
                + James
                + Betty Ann

John James Haggerty, 1903-1993; U.S. Agricultural Attache - Mexico, Venezuela, Ireland, Israel; m: Alice Lenora Scarseth; bap: 23 April 1905, w: Irs Anez & Stella Cashman, by: Rev. Charles Corcoran, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN.

                + John Scarseth Haggerty  m: Nancy Lewis   m: Mary Jo Burns
                     1938-?                    1940-?           1946-?                                          
                + Edward Denis Haggerty  m: Linda Roderman
                     1941-?                  ??

|PIX: John Scarseth Haggerty|

John Scarseth Haggerty, a ceramics Senior Research Scientist at MIT, lives in Lincoln MA (1998)...

                               John S Haggerty
                        Senior Research Scientist, MIT
                     BS Mechanical Engineering, MIT, 1961
                           MS Ceramics, MIT, 1963
                           ScD Ceramics, MIT, 1966
                Current research includes materials science, 
                 high temperatures chemistry and materials 
                 processing topics. Selected Publications:

               "A Novel Packaging Materials System for High
                         Temperature Electronics"
               "High Purity Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride
                     for Hypersonic Radome Applications"
              "Ceramic Matrices and Monoliths Synthesizedfrom
                    a Combination of Reactive Polymers"
                 "Opportunities for Enhancing the Thermal 
              Conductivities of SiC and Si3N4 Ceramics through
                           Improved Processing"

Margaret Julia Haggerty; teacher, poet, author of "Tails 'n' Tales", a collection of stories; m: John Fornall; bap: 18 November 1906, w: Francis Haggerty & Clara Buckley, by: Rev. Charles Corcoran, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN

                + Patricia
                + Donald
                + Jerry



Paratrooper, 1st Airborne Div.,U.S.Army

"He loved the outdoors, sports, music, flying. His joy of living was contagious and this memory still lives with those who loved him. In dedicating my book to "Jerry," it is with the hope that many others like him will enjoy my stories as he did."

                + Tom
                + Maurice

Margaret Haggerty Fornall

From the Augusta MT Gazette by Liz Stiffler re: "Tails 'n' Tales" by Margaret Fornall: "Margaret Fornall says she wanted to write stories and books ever since she learned to read - and that was a long time ago! After almost 60 years of raising a family and pursuing her many hobbies, her dream finally came true. Her first book, Tails 'n' Tails, is a collection of childrens stories, many of which are based on her own experiences with children.

Margaret was born in Houlton, Wis., the sixth of nine children. In 1917 her very "Irish family" moved to eastern Montana north of Glendive where she grew up, attending the rural school for two years. She graduated from Dawson County High School in 1924.

Margaret went to Teachers' College in Dillon for two quarters, but it was not until 1965 after years of teaching experience, correspondence courses, summer school in Miles City and a lot of hard work that she finally received her B.A. in elementary education. During the 41 years it took her to get her degree she also raised a family of five.

When Margaret was 19,she married John Fornall and they lived on a ranch near Glendive. Margaret taught school, when, as she recalls, "it was three and a half miles to school through the badlands." She either rode a horse or drove a car. The horse was slower, but much safer she says, when she taught in the small community of Volborg.

The Fornalls moved to Fairfield in 1936 and lived near Sun River Irrigation Project until 1956, seven years of which she taught in the Fairfield School District. Her years of teaching are memorable to her and have inspired many of the stories she writes. Although she has had bites and nibbles on her material during the last few decades, Tails 'n'Tails is her first major publication."

Now, Margaret is working on a second collection of stories for another book.

Catherine Haggerty; RN; m: Archie Watson; bap: 28 June 1908, w: John & Delia Joyce, by: Rev. Doyle, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater, MN.

                + Kathleen

Charles P (Shirley) Haggerty, educator; family author: "Light Flashbacks To a Dark Time"; m: Norma G Lansing, 11 June 1940, Holy Rosary RCCh, Bozeman, MT; bap: Charles Shirley Haggerty, 10 July 1910, w: James & Mabel Cashman, by: Rev. Charles Corcoran, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater, MN.

Charles P Haggerty

From the publishers "blurb" re: "Light Flashbacks to a Dark Time" by Charles P. Haggerty

"The author was born in Wisconsin and raised in the stock and wheat country of Eastern Montana during the dust bowl years of the early twenties (1920's). There he learned to tolerate adversity and to love the open, quiet, big sky country.

His long career in education, which started as a student and later as a teacher in the rural schools of Eastern Montana, ended as a special program director for the Oregon State Department of Education from which he retired in 1972.

He served as a meteorologist (weather man) on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, 1943-45, received his private pilot's license at age 60 and is currently in volunteer work in the administration of programs for seniors in the Salem, Oregon area.

Delivery of this manuscript to the printer will free the writer to complete a second book covering sea, flying and travel stories."

                + Sheila  (Simonson)
                + John
                + Daniel
                + Brian
                + Kathleen
                + Alan

Thomas G Haggerty; engineer; building contractor; m: Ruth Spick (dissolved); bap: 28 April 1912, w: Maurice Haggerty & Anna O'Connell, by: Rev. Charles Corcoran, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater, MN

                + Thomas Charles
                + Anita
                + Kevin

^...F6...Lillian (Haskell), b: (as Lillian Haskell), 1870, Deer Island ME, (maybe b: in January 1871) (possible immaculate conception as her mothers husband, Peter Haggerty Jr, had been dead several years; a Mr William Harris may have been involved, the record is unclear, as anyone may expect); d: January 1931, Knox Hosp, Rockland ME; interred w/sister Elizabeth Jane in Evergreen Cem, Deer Island ME, gravestone located, inscribed "Lillian"; not married

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