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1837 Bangor ME

She reportedly visited her brother Charles Haggerty at Littleton Ridge for Christmas dinner one holiday & stayed 6 years

She is noted in the 1860 National Census for Aroostook Co Houlton ME as 21 years old, b: Maine, residing with a Harris family in Houlton, he a Counselor at Law


John Kiley, 21 November 1867, St Mary's RCC, Houlton ME; w: John Smith & Nancy Mc ?


Bangor ME, (also reportedly interred at St Marys RCCem, Houlton ME in the family lot , no markings located)



April,1842 Belfast Academy Grant (Ludlow ME)


Margaret Grey, 1865, (b: January, 1844, Ireland)


              Sarah  Ann     m: William H Keating  m:  Arthur K Kilmer  
                1865-?            ??                     ??
              Nancy          m: _____             
              Charles        m: _____
              Mary Ann       m: Theodore Schilling
                1876- 1951        1873-1943
              John           m: _____
              James          m: _____
              (all named for John Haggerty siblings)


MN, probably interred along with Margaret in St Charles / St Michaels RCCem, Bayport MN; the family plot contains 6 graves; 3 are unrecorded (John, Margaret & Nancy are probably interred here) & the other 3 are recorded as occupied by: Theodore Schilling, 1873-1943; Mary-Ann Schilling, 1875-1951 & Martha Haggerty, 1870 (infant death).

In the 1870 National Census for Stillwater Washington Co MN, it is noted that John Haggerty was age 28, "worked in logging", had $800 of personal property, b: Maine & a USA citizen; while Margaret (Grey> was age 24, "keeping house", b: Ireland & who's p: were foreign b:. They had 2 kids: Sarah, age 3, b: ME & Nancy, age 3 months, b: MN.

The 1880 census for Township #125, Traverse Co MN has John Haggerty listed with his family: Margaret (wife), Sarah J, Charles, Mary, John, James & Sarah Gray (sister to Margaret).

He is also noted in the Traverse Co land records, 19 January 1884, along with his brother Frank Haggerty as a "homesteader" with 160 acres in Township 125.

From a fellow internetor: "This section (#29) is in the far western central corner of MN. It is in Traverse County, Arthur Township. Section 29 is about 4 miles east of the town of Browns Valley (pop 804) which is on the continental devide i.e. both the Minnesota and Red Rivers start here, one to the Gulf of Mexico and the other to Hudson Bay. I've never been out there but I think that its about as flat as it can get. The NW portion of Section 29 is now part of a "Waterfown Area."

In the 1900 census, John Haggerty apparently has returned to Stillwater MN from Traverse Co above, was age 58; m: 35 years, b: ME, 1842, parents from Ireland, employed "exploring pinelands", could r/w/speak English, owned his mortgaged house at 1009 South Fourth St, City of Stillwater, Washington Co, MN. She, Margaret, b: June 1844 in Ireland, age 56, m: 35 years in 1900, had 7 kids of which 5 survived to 1900 (lost were probably Martha, 1870 & Nancy, 1870) , could r/w/speak English.


Sarah Anne.... bap. 6 November 1865, St Marys RCCh, Houlton ME.... Noted in the 1900 Stillwater MN national census as Sarah Keating.... then living with her parents.... age 34.... b: ME November 1865.... m: 18 years.... had 3 kids: Clarence Peter, b: MN, 14 August 1886, d: Seattle, King Co, WA, 21 August 1978.... other 2 kids names unknown.

More on Clarence Peter Keating Sr: SSN: 537-07-9375.... d: 24 August 1978.... interred Toledo Cem, Toledo WA.... cause of death: right aortic aneurisim-abdominal.... was m: Hazel M Hillgoss....

one known son: Clarence P Keating Jr.... b: 20 May 1913, Marshfield OR.... m: Laura Elizabeth Strieble from Billings MT.... d: 19 December 1996.... was in the USArmed Forces.... a smoker.... had 4 years of college.... worked as an author for the government.... 5 kids: Kathryn Keating who m: Martin Day, Jan Keating, Jo Keating, Sandy Keating & Clarence Peter Keating

In the 1903 (27 June) River Falls WI vital m: records she is listed as Sadie (dim. of Sarah) Haggerty who was, then, m: to Arthur K Kilmer.

Nancy, b: 20 February 1870, Stillwater MN; d: 25 July 1870, Stillwater MN; cause of d: unknown

(??record conflict w/following ??, maybe the same person or dumb record; also in conflict w/Martha who is interred in St Charles/St Michaels RCCem in Bayport MN )

Ann, b: 1870, bap: 4 March 1870, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN, w: Charles Haggerty (probably brother to John, Frank & Thomas) & Mary Mathews.

Charles, b: 11 March 1874, bap: 16 June 1872 at St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN, w: Thomas Haggerty (probably brother to John, Frank & Charles) & Hannah Sutton

Mary Ann , b: 15 July 1876, bap: 7 July 1874 at St Michaels RCCh Stillwater MN w: Charles Haggerty (probably brother to John, Frank & Thomas) & Margaret Mackey; m: Theodore Schilling, no known kids; d: 21 January 1951; both interred in St Charles/ St Michaels RCCem Bayport MN

John , b: 27 July 1877, bap: 6 September 1876 at St Michaels RCCh Stillwater MN, w: Francis Haggerty (probably brother to John, Charles & Thomas) & Helen Walker.

James, b: 1 October 1878, bap: 1 November 1878 at St Michaels RCCh Stillwater MN, w: James Mahoney & Catherine Mahoney.



1846, Belfast Academy Grant (Ludlow ME); baptized 29 August 1846, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME , sp:Kyran Walsh & Bridget Gilaspey

Thomas worked the farm at Ludlow ME, migrated, 1868, to Cambria Co PA, resided there for 4 years, then came to Stillwater MN, 1872. There he established the village of Houlton WI (after Houlton ME, now the villiage of St Joseph WI, just across the St Croix River from Stillwater MN) ) became a retail store, tavern & hotel keeper as well as property and lumber dealer, farmer and Houlton WI's post-master.

From "Red" Haggerty (son of Edmond P Haggerty in the Peter Haggerty Jr line); "Uncle Tom Haggerty originated in Houlton Maine and about more or less emigrated to Wisconsin where he opened up a general merchandise store on the Wisconsin side of the St Croix River and christened the town, that grew up around his store, Houlton. I can still remember him, shorter than our dad and more heavy set, but the same type of mould. Besides the store he was the postmaster also. I do not remember when or how he died but do recall that he turned the store over to E. P. to manage and run it, while still alive. Dad did not do very well. He gave credit to anyone and everyone and finally closed up the business. Shortly after doing so, as I recall, the building burned down, completely."

From Ms Jayne Finnergan Smith a long time resident of Houlton WI: " Our Ggp's Mary Jane Keays and Wm Keays were very good friends of both Tom Haggerty and "old" Ed Haggerty . We grew up thinking that we (the Conway's, my grandparents), the Joyce's and Haggerty's were the only 3 Catholic families in Houlton and later in life we equated ourselves to Houlton what the Kennedy's were to Hyannisport. Yes, I was present in my best Sunday garb to many of your family. I remember Charles in his service uniform coming to visit us during WWII. If you could call me , I have some entertaining stories about the 3 families. My number is: 651-439-5447".


Elizabeth Curtis, 28 June 1875 , at St Michael's RCCh, Stillwater MN; w: Jacob Hinchey & Mary J Curtis; o: M E Murphy.

She, b: 1855 MN, d: 14 July 1914, age 59, interred w/Thomas & other family members, St Charles/St Michaels RCCem, Bayport MN.

Elizabeth was the daughter of a prominent local farmer (b: Ireland), horse breeder, deputy sheriff, Stillwater police chief, town treasurer & school director. He d: suddenly at age 79 at his home at on Second St. Her mother was Bridget Fenton who had 13 kids.

|PIX: Haggerty Residence: Houlton-St Joseph WI|


Houlton WI, heart failure, 9 June 1908, age 63, Interred St Charles/St Michaels RCCem, Bayport MN w/ Elizabeth & other family members .


Anna Regina, b: 26 November 1876, bap: 3 December 1876, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN, w: Daniel Curtis & Susan Keamer; m: Albert E Underwood, 15 August 1898, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN, w: Jacob Tolen & Theresa M Doyle.

Geneieve, b: 1879, St Croix WI, m: Bernard G Foran, 12 October 1898, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN, w: John Fulten & Angeline Haggerty.

Ann, 13 October 1880, m: George Bau, 4 May 1903, St Michaels RCCh, Stillwater MN , w: John Bau & Geneve Foran, d: 15 December 1908, age 28 , interred St Charles/ St Michaels RCCem, Bayport MN.

Orie P ??, b: 1882, d: 13 October 1906, Interred St Charles/ St Michaels RCCem, Bayport MN w/ Elizabeth, Thomas & other family members.


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