Aroostook Pioneer

Illustrated Souvenir Edition.  Houlton in Spring of 1895


Topographical Description.  Its Streets, Business Blocks and Residences.

Its Water Power, Mills And Other Industries. 

Its Railroad Facilities, Stage Lines, Water Works and Electric Lights.

Its Banks, Board of Trade, Loan and Building and Fish and Game Association, Fire Department and Military Company.

Its County Buildings, Schools, Churches, Fraternal Societies.

Houlton as a Summer Resort.—Its Needs and Possibilities.


Abbott, Job (Consulting Engineer, B.&A. R.R.), p.5, p.7

Ambrose, James W., p.1 (photo), p.7

Aroostook County Buildings, p.1, p.2

Aroostook County Court House, p.1, p.2 (photo)

Aroostook County Jail, p.1, p.2 (photo)

Aroostook Pioneer, p.6 (photo)

Aroostook Republican, p.6 (photo)

Attorneys, p.13 (Ad)

Bangor and Aroostook Railroad (Ad), p.8

Bangor and Aroostook Railroad (History), p.3, p.6

Bangor Steam Laundry, p.13 (Ad)

Berlin Iron Bridge Co., p.14 (Ad)

Berry, Isaac (Brick maker), p.13

Block Industry, p.10 (photo)

Boston 5 & 10 Cent Store, p.14 (Ad)

Bowker Fertilizer Co., p.10 (photo)

Bridge (Steel), p.8 (photo)

Briggs, Harry M. (lawyer), p.12 (photo)

Brown, Joseph A., p.8 (photo)

Browne, J. A. Block & Store, p.2 (photo), p.13, p.14 (Ad)

Brownie (Innis dog), p.5 (photo), p.10

Bryant, H. H., p.9 (photo)

Bryant, L. C., p.13

Bryson, J. Frank, p.12 (photo)

Burleigh Family, p.7 (photo)

Burleigh Plan, p.2

Burleigh, Albert A., p.2, p.6 (photo)

Burleigh, Parker P., p.7 (photo of hay field, Linneus), p.13 (corrections)

Bussey, Benjamin B. (Dr.), p.12 (photo)

Buzzell, W. D., p.11 (photo)

Carriages, Manufacture of, p.10

Cary, Theodore, p.6

Catholic Church, p.9 (photo)

Chadwick & Wiggins (Wood-working plant), p.13

Churches, p.2

Churches, p.9 (photo)

Clark, Michael M., p.1 (photo), p.7

Cleveland, E. L., Jr., p.4 (photo of residence), p.11 (photo)

Cleveland, Edward L., p.11

Coburn, Fred W., p.11 (photo)

Collins, George H., p.6

Colson, G. L. (Tailor), p.13, p.14 (Ad)

Columbia Street (Fairview), p.11 (photo)

Company L, N. G. S. M., p.1, p.2 (1894 photo)

Congregational Church, p.9 (photo)

Cook, Frank L. (Window Shade Manufacturer), p.11 (photo)

Cook’s Brook, p.4 (photo)

Court Street, p.5 (photo)

Cram, Franklin W., p.6 (photo)

Cranston Printing Press, , Norwich, p.13

Dam (Cook’s Brook), p.4 (photo)

Dam, p.8 (photo)

Davidson, John W., p.6 (photo)

Davis, I. H. (Residence),  p.4

Dress Making, p.13 (Ad)

Dunn, Charles E., p.1 (photo), p.7

Earle, William Z., p.13

Edblad, H., p.7

Electric lights, p.1

Episcopal Church, p.9 (photo)

Exchange Hotel, p. 10, p.11 (photo)

Exchange Hotel, p.13 (Ad)

Fairview Water Works, p.11 (photo)

Felch, Llewellyn M., p.9 (photo)

Fertilizer, p.7, p.10 (photo)

Fire Department, p.2

Fire Engine House, p.8 (photo)

First Baptist Church, p.9 (photo)

First Presbyterian Church of Houlton, p.9

Fogg, Almon H., p.8 (photo), p.14 (Ad)

Foss, Holman D., p.7 (photo)

Foster, M. C. & Sons (contractors of Waterville), p.2

Free Baptist Church, p.9 (photo)

French Block, p.10 (photo)

Friedman, S., p.8 (photo), p.14 (Ad)

Frisbie Block & Store, p.13

Frisbie Block, H.T., p.3 (photo)

Frisbie Dry Goods Store, p.3 (Interior photo)

Garrison, H. B. (Dentist), p.13

Gentle, George S., p.11 (photo)

Gilman, George H.,  p.4 (photo of residence). p.6 (photo)

Gilpatrick, Ora, p.10 (photos)

Grady, J. T., p.12 (photo)

Gray’s Brick Block (S. A.), p.2 (photo)

Hall, A. Winslow, p.6 (photo)

Hall, G. A., p.8

Hanson & Grady Tailoring Store, p.12

Hanson, P. G., p.12 (photo)

Harness Maker, p.13 (Ad)

Harrigan, J. C. (grocer), p.12 (photo)

Harrigan’s Grocery Store, J. C., p.5 (photo)

Hatheway, Henry J., p.12 (photo)

Hersey, Ira G., p.12 (photo)

Highland Ave. Bridge, p.10 (photo)

Highlands, p.8 (photo), p.10

Horton Brothers Woodworking Plant, p.11 (photo)

Houlton Commercial School, p.3

Houlton Fire Department, p.2

Houlton Fish and Game Association, p.3

Houlton Loan and Building Association, p.2

Houlton Rail Road Station, p.1 (1894 photo)

Houlton Savings Bank, p.3 (photo)

Houlton Skating Rink (Ice & Roller), p.10 (photo)

Houlton Steam Laundry, p.13 (Ad)

Houlton Water Works, p.1

Houses, p.4, p.5 (photos)

Hume, Frank M. (Capt. Co. “L”), p.1 (photo)

Hunting and Fishing ad, p.8 (photo)

Ingersoll Homestead, p.3 (photo)

Ingersoll, A. W. (Col.), p.7 (photo)

Ingersoll, Zebulon, p.7 (photo)

Inghram Farm, F. H. (Residence), p.5 (photo)

Innis, F. F. (Dentist), p.12 (photo)

Insurance, p.13 (Ad)

Jones, A. O., p.7 (photo)

Kay, William A. (Sheriff & Jailer), p.12 (photo)

Keaton & Bradbury’s Furniture Store, p.13

Keaton & Bradbury’s Furniture Store, p.3 (photo)

Lane & Pearce, p.14 (Ad)

Ludwig & Gentle Insurance, p.3 (photo)

Ludwig, L. O. (Residence), p.4

Ludwig, Leland O., p.11 (photo)

Lumber Mill, p.8 (photo)

Lumbert, A. L. (Law office), p. 13 (see Frisbee Block)

Mantels, manufacture of, p.11 (photo)

Market Square, p.2 (photo)

Martin, William A. (2nd Lieut. Co. “L”), p.1 (photo)

McDonald, William W. (horse-shoeing), p.12 (photo)

McNair, George (Carpenter & Builder), p.13 (Ad)

McPartland, James H. Plumbing & Heating, p.13 (Ad)

Meats & Groceries, p.13 (Ad)

Merritt, Charles D., p.12 (photo)

Methodist Episcopal Church, p.9 (photo)

Millar Block, J. A. (Grocery and confectionery store), p.13

Millar Store, J.A., p.3 (photos), p.14 (Ad)

Millinery & Fancy Goods, p.13 (Ad)

Mills, p.1

Monson, A. B. (children of), p.5 (photo)

Monson’s Market, Laurel (Co. E.), p.12 (photo)

Monumental Bronze Co., Bridgeport, p.13

Nelson & Clark’s Potato House, p.10 (photo)

Nelson, Fred P., p.12 (photo)

Nevers,  F. A. (Dr.), p.4 (photo of residence), p.7 (photo)

Nickerson Dry & Fancy Goods, W. A., p.14 (Ad)

Nickerson Lake, p.3, p.5 (photo)

Nickerson, W. A., p.8 (photo),

Opera House, p.10 (photo)

Orris, H. M. (Book binding), p.13

Osgood Jewelry, J. K., p.5 (photo)

Osgood, J. K., p.13 (Ad)

Perks Block & Store, p.8

Perks, Charles E., p.8 (photo)

Perks, William S. (Residence), p.4 (photo)

Perks, William S., p.8 (photo)

Perry, J. D., (Eye glasses, jewelry, watches)

Peters Engraving, C. J. & Son, Boston, p.13

Physicians, p.13 (Ad)

Plumbing & Heating, p.13 (Ad)

Post Office, p.10 (photo)

Potato House, p.10 (photo)

Potatoes, p.7

Powers, Frederick, p.7 (photo)

Powers, Llewellyn, p.7 (photo)

Putnam, Harry L. (Residence), p.5 (photo)

Putnam, Mellen D., p.1 (photo), p.7

Rice Furniture, John M., p. 13

Rich, A. G., p.10

Richards Dry Goods Store, G. W., p.5 (photo), p.14 (Ad)

Richards, G. W., p.8 (photo), p.13 (corrections)

Ricker Classical Institute (’97 Latin Class), p.9 (photo)

Ricker Classical Institute, p.9 (photo)

Ridder, James H., p.7 (photo)

Robinson, J. E., p.13 (Ad)

Roman Catholic Church, p.9 (photo)

Schools, p.2, p.3

Sewerage, p.1

Sharpe, Henry C., p.12 (photo)

Shaw, Ransford W., p.10

Smith, Charles H. (Contractor & Builder), p.13

Smith, Olin M. (1st Lieut. Co. “L”), p.1 (photo)

Snell House, p.13 (Ad)

Starch Factory, p.10 (photo)

Starch, making of, p.10

Telegraph, p.1

Telephone, p.1

Tenney, Charles P., p.8 (photo)

Thurlough, James R., p.1 (photo)

Titcomb’s Steam Lumber Mill, p.8 (photo)

Undertaker, p.13 (Ad)

Unitarian Church, p.9 (photo)

Water Power, p.1

Water Power, p.8 (photo)

Water Street, p.5 (photo)

Watson Starch Factory, John (Monticello), p.10 (photo)

Watson, John (Residence), p.4 (photo)

Watson, John, p.8 (photo)

Watson’s Hardware Store (John), p.2 (photo), p.14 (Ad)

Welsh, Freeman & Co.,Boston (Printer), p.13

Wetmore, Robert T., p.12 (photo)

White Mountain Telephone Company, p.13

White, E. B. (watch-maker & jeweler), p.12 (photo)

Whitehead, Heman N., p.8 (photo)

Wiggin, Francis, p.6 (photo)

Wight, W. S., p.7 (photo)

Wilson & Gorham (Law office), p. 13 (see Frisbee Block)

Wilson, Alexander, p.1 (photo), p.7

Wood Cutting, p.5 (photo)

Wording Hall, p.2