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|PIX: Louise, w/Col Albert Barkin, General Miller & as a child|

b: 13 June 1916, Newbury St, Boston MA; baptized 2 July 1916, St Cecilia's RCCh, Boston MA, Priest: John J McGarry, Sponsored: Thomas R Costello & Madoline Haggerty

Jewelry model, NYC.... bank manager, Washington DC... USArmy wife.... resided: Lewiston ME, Boston, Brooklyn NY, NYC (she brought all of her kid brothers toys with her first jobs in NYC).... and Italy, Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii, Washington DC (USArmy assignments).... in later years, suffered from diverticulosis & arthritis.... resides/volunteers in Washington DC (1998).... no kid's, cat's or dog's, except one dog, one time, named Pierre, a poodle, who appeared rather strange to other dogs & humans as well.

m: ALFRED BRITTON (dissolved)

m: HENRY JERVIS MILLER, General, USArmy (b: NJ-d: 7 January 1949)

From the Register of USMilitaryAcadamey Graduates:

"Born: NJ; Appointed: PA; Grad: 1915; Commissioned: Cavalry, Air Service; Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916-17; Air Service, American Expeditionary Force, 1918; Brig General, 1941; Major General, 1942; Chief AirMaterialCommand, England, 1943-44; Retired Disabled: 1944; empl Boots Aircraft Nut Corp, New Canaan CT; Brig General retired: 1948; Died: Fort Sam Houston, TX, 7 January 1949; Age: 58 "

m: ALBERT BARKIN, Colonel USArmy.

Born 5 July 1911-d: 27 March 1995.... served in the.... invasion of North Africa, at the World War II war criminal trials at Nuremberg Germany.... later.... in the USArmy JAG office; was a lawyer.... interred in Arlington National Cemetary, Washington DC... post army, served in many community works: Half Way House, prisoner consultation/rehab etc.... SSN: 224-52-1527 (return)


|PIX: Tom, USArmy; Peg & Pete (canine); Mary & Johnny DeNapoli|
|PIX: Mary at high school & at Providence Col|

b: 22 August 1918, Madigan Hosp, Houlton ME; baptized, 25 August 1918, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Graduated BriHiSchool, AA/Dean Junior Col, Franklin MA; BS/Providence Col, Providence RI. >>>. once worked for MA Congressman & House Speaker Joe Martin's Franklin MA newapaper: The Sentinal.... employed there for 10 years, her cousin Claire Costello recommended her for the job.... Mary excelled in English language editing & in speaking French .>>>. afterwards she successessevly worked for the Fidelity Press, Boston; Hilldreth Press, Bristol CT; then became the first women compositor at the Providence Journal, Providence RI where she operated Intertype compositors for 23 years.... she experienced hostile & physical abuse from other unionist during her first years in a union shop, fellow union members intervened on her behalf, pensioned out at age 57 she then started her higher education career at Dean Jounior Col & Providence Col.>>>. during her Providence Col days, she suffered from macula-degeration which interrupted her college career but she then resusitated it by attending class with husband Johnny who, took notes, read assignments & then re-read all of the data back to her as homework plus typed class assignment submissions, thus she successfully completed her college work.>>>. was sister Peg's Matron of Honor at her marriage to Arthur McIntyre at the USNaval Station, Groton CT, 1951.... sponsored a memorial post mortem Mass for Peg at St Mary's RCCh Franklin MA.>>>. early on, as a kid, she was a girl scout, although somewhat chubby at the time; performed household chores for Mrs Rice, wife of a local prominent doctor & a Mrs Goldstone who was very generous with free food & sweets which she brought home to her brothers .>>>. at her mothers bidding, she was a nursing student at BosCtyHosp; not her bag .>>>. she also played golf in her younger days.>>>.once as a kid she was thought to have had head lice; mother attacked, furiously & unrelentlessly; none were ever found.>>>. resides/gardens in Wrentham MA.... travels frequently, where ever the senior citizen bus goes: Boston, New York, Montreal, Qubec, Gaspe, ME and has had many trips in the past to Europe where, at one time, she visited all of the old WW2 battlefields where husband Johnny had previously soldiered.... many cat's & dog's, no kid's

m: JOHN DeNAPOLI; (retail clothier Franklin MA; deputy sheriff, Norfolk Co, MA; USArmy combat unit/WW2/Europe w/General Patton's army); 12 October 1939, St Columbkilles RCCh, Brighton MA, Celebrant: Rev John L Frawley, Witness: MARTIN FLANIGAN & MARGARET COSTELLO ; reception at the Abner Wheeler House, Arlington MA, no booze was allowed as commanded by mother Costello, much to the chargrin of the attendee's whose composition was half Italian & half Irish.(return)


|PIX: Tom, USArmy; Peg & Pete (canine); Mary & Johnny DeNapoli |
|PIX: Peg & Mac in Peru South America while he was a Naval attache & Peg during her nurseing days|

b: 15 June 1920, Madigan Hosp, Houlton ME; baptized 28 June 1920, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

Graduate BriHiSchool (excallant student, skipped 2 years), High school of Commerce, RN/Boston City Hosp, attended Columbia Univ, BS/Boston Univ, B/RN.... practising RN, Boston MA, worked early on at MassGenHosp, then was Head Nurse on Peabody One, a BosCtyHosp ward .... during the 30's, she thrillingly took her first airplane trip from Boston to Houlton ME to visit the family who were summering at Nickerson Lake .... early during her first m: she worked for a Boston dentist who thought she excelled at x-ray reading; he, also, made his Little Bldg, Boston dental office available to the local "bookies" for the usual transactions; when discovered by the police, he was put out of practice & uncerimoniously dumped by the local Dentistry Society & sent to Guam Island, Pacific Ocean to serve out a penance; greed did not pay in this case .... first widowed from John Murphy, who died during their early marriage years from TB after a long illness & convelesence at a TB sanatorium in the NY state Adirondack Mts.... while there, she managed the Medical Dept at Paul Smith's College, located unsupprisingly in Paul Smith's NY (in the Adirondack Mts), while there she had occasion to show her considerable mettle; it seems some accident occurred in one of the chemistry labs wherein one of the students ran out of the lab building with a steaming flask of "X", he then thrust it into a manure pile where it exploded splattering all & sundry including the student, manure being the anti-freeze agent then used, "up there", to keep outside water hydrants from freezing during the winter, I think that it was always winter up there, Peg, observing all of this from afar, rushed him to a hospital where many members of the staff spent many hours extracting manure from said students eye's, ear's, nose, throat, hair & clothes, ultimately everybody survived quite well, I think that the student went on to graduate.... USNavy wife (during 2nd marriage, a m: which took place at the USNavy Subermarine Station at Groton CT where husband "Mac" commanded a sub, attended by brothers Richard, Edward; sister Mary & her husband Johnny ).... resided: Boston, Lima Peru (USNavy diplomatic assignment.... owner/op successful CA retail furn store (Danish Modern) after Mac's naval service.... successful El Cajon CA real estate agent.... retired El Cajon CA (1998).... was bright, did excellent academically, successful business women .... traveled little, feared flying .... widowed twice.... emphysemic toward the end of her life.... visited by Dan who served as her POA, Ed & Mary during her demise .... her last home address was 1087 Hacienda Dr, El Cajon CA.... some cat's, no dog's or kid's.

m: JOHN MURPHY, MD (deceased, interred w/his parents in Haverhill MA) 29 August 1946, St Columbkilles RCCh, Brighton MA, Witnesses: FRANCIS A REMMES & LOUISE (COSTELLO) MILLER, Celebrant: Rev Thomas F Quinn....

m: ARTHUR McINTYRE, Cdr USNavy,1952 , at the USNavy Base, Groton, CT. (b: Bessemer AL, 1917-d: 16 January 1997, interred w/Peg at Ft Rosecrans National Cem, Point Loma, San Diego CA; sister Mary served as Pegs Matron of Honor

From the Shipmate, April 1997. A USNavy Alumni Association publication......

"ARTHUR GREENVILLE McINTYRE, 41: A product Bessemer AL, Commander McIntyre (1917-97) came out of the Fleet NAPS to enter the Naval Academy in the summer of 1937 with the Class of '41 Graduating slightly early because of the war in Europe, Art joined his first ship, Portland, in Pearl Harbor 9 months before the 7 December supprise attack. After early serface action in the South Pacific, Mac was among the first to volunteer for submarine duty when the urgent call went out for replacements for the heavy sub losses being experienced. Faulty torpedoes made sitting ducks of submerines whose targets did'nt sink after being hit because the torpedoes failed to detonate or passed under them due to errant depth mechanisms. Mac's first boat was the Grenadier, which he joined in Australia late 1942 after abbreviated sub school. On the night of 20 April 1943 while patrolling the dangerous confined waters of Malaca Strait, Grenadier was attacked on the surface by aircraft just prior to submergeing for an attack on two targets she had been tracking. While passing 120 feet a violent explosion shook the boat causing loss of power, lights, some internal communication and serious hull leaks. Coming to rest on the bottom at 270 feet, Grenadier's crew fought a losing battle to control the damage and another electrical fire caused by shorts and water leakage. Finally able to surface the next night with only slow speed available on one screw, she jury rigged a sail in an effort to make headway toward an island where the crew could make it ashore after scuttling the helpless ship. At dawn on the 22 April an enemy merchantman with one escort were sighting approaching while a plane spotted Grenadier on the surface and attacked. Excellant marksmanship by the sub's two 20mm and two 50 calibre gunners hit the aircraft whose bomb missed 200 yards abeam. The aircraft failed to make it safely back to base, but Grenadier was forced to make the decision to scuttle ship just before arrival of the enemy ships. All crew members were picked up and sent to prison camp in Japan where beaten mercilessly during their almost three year period of confinement, four of them not surviving the deprivation and cruel treatment. After repatriation Mac resumed his Naval career and commanded Lionfish and Submerine School in New London (Mac also served at the WWII war criminal trials in Tokyo, during the Korean War, at Mediterranean Sea locations & on diplomatic assignment in Peru SA.) before retireing to successful civilian employment for another 20 years Mac's injuries while a POW plagued him the rest of his life and contributed directly to his ultimate death in a nurseing home in San Diego. Suffering greatly from assorted ailments and paralyzed below the waist, Art McIntyre slipped into eternal peace on 16 January 1997. He had bravely fought the human enemy and the clinical one for most of his adult life. He leaves Peg, his devoted wife of 43 years. Private services and burial were conducted in North San Diego County."

d: 9 December 2000, San Diego CA; "passed away peacefully in her sleep"; at age 80; interred 12 December 2000 with husband 'Mac' at a site overlooking the USNavy Submarine Base/ San Diego Harbor at Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery/Point Loma, San Diego, CA. Cause of death: respiratory insufficiency due to COPD & smoking; her estate was left to her four surviving brothers; all personal, funeral & estate arrangements/administration were made by brother Dan; brothers Dan, Ed & sister Mary arranged to visit her during her demise prior to her death; subsequently, sister Mary had a special memorial mass for her at St Mary's RCCh in Franklin MA; SS#:329-24-7587.



|PIX: John & Dick as kids on Market St|
|PIX: Dan & John w/Peter (canis) , early 30's at Market St|

b: 23 July 1922, at Carney Hosp, Dorchester MA; lived at 412 Newbury St, Boston MA; bap:16 August 1922, St Cecilia's RCCh, Boston MA, Officiating: Rev John J Fletcher

Grad BriHiSchool.... long term employ of So NE T&T & P&W Aircraft, (in Hartford CT where John went to work prior to WW2 service, he & Jim Haggerty kept a bachelor apt).... G/gf, at least 2 Gg/kid's (1998).... USNavy/Pacific/WW2, served on aircraft carrier Bon Homme Richard as a machinist mate.... liked to go fishing & wander as a kid, spent some time at the local blacksmiths, facinated by the horse-shoeing process .... with neighbor Mat Mullen, camped frequently which consisted of pitching a tent on a neighborhood vacant lot followed by a nap .... fished regularily at Lake George, Wales MA ....lost a fishing rod in Bee Stream, Houlton ME.... was the recipient from his father of one of the first electric razors.... Brighton neighbor Paul Gallagher was an early mentor.... caught a skunk barehandedly once (he was segrated from the rest of the world for awhile).... hiked from Brighton to Monson MA 50 miles away once, as a kid, and had an overnighter in the Bethany RCCem where his Gp's are interred.... worked very diligently once for little pay at hacking out grass & weeds from the two fields that flanked neighbor Dr Fitzgerald's house.... liked firearms, had .22's & BB guns, target prictised in Hammond's Wood's, father chucked all guns (real & toy) in the Charles River as they were discovered.... worked with his father in the Undertaking/Funeral Service business.... tried very hard to join the peacetime Navy (prior to WW2).... did serve in the USArmy's CMTC (Citizens Military Training Camp) at Fort Deven's MA prior to WW2.... worked at multiple jobs all of his married life to maintain his family.... distr an inheritance from his sister's estate to all of his kids.... completes the crossword puzzle daily.... resides/semi-retired (has been called at various times to straighten them out at the telephone company).... househammer's in Hartford CT; ...enjoys classical music & cooking.... no cats or dogs.... 5 kid's (all bap: at the Church of St Lawerence O'Toole, Hartford CT), 12 grandchildren, 2 greatgrand children.

m: MARIE HARDING, 1945; (wife, mother, Gm, Ggm, b: 1923), Best Man/Witness: Ed Costello.... 5 kids:

|PIX: John & Marie as folks|

     DANIEL PATRICK b: 11 January 1947, town financial manager,
                       as a Hartford Cop was once bitten by a
                       fercious female demonstrator, served in "Nam". 
                    m: Anne Marie Sheehan (dissolved)
                         Daniel Patrick Costello Jr, 1979 -

                    m: Leanne Williams
     JAMES EDWARD   b: 24 January 1948
                    m: Karen Bigelow (dissolved)

                         Christopher James Costello, 1970- 
                           m: Tammy Harrison
                           Michael (Harrison) (previous)
                           Ryan Christopher, 1996-
                         Michael Scott Costello , 1973 -
                         Mark Allan Costello, 1978 -
                    m: Debra Hogan
                         Christopher Hogan (previous)
                         Stephen James Costello, 20 August 1986

     WILLIAM JOHN   b: 18 November 1949, schoolteacher
                    m: Barbara Hammerlind (dissolved)
                         Erick John Costello , 28 January 1982-                             
                         Casey Devon Costello, 14 March 1986-
                         Emma Marie Costello, 19 October 1987-

                    m: Billie Joan Hay, 20 August 1949-
                         Cody Lewis Olson, 20 December 1983 (previous)
     ANNE CATHERINE b: 20 March 1952, RN, 
                    m: Charles Day, 1950- {dissolved})
                         Patrick Charles Day, 1979 -

     STEPHEN THOMAS b: 24 May 1957, m: Jan Northcutt
                         Erin Elizabeth Costello, 1992-
                         Charles Stephen Costello, 1995-


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