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Author & Title
Brower, Kate Andersen
     Title: First in Line
Dann, Kevin
     Title: Road to Walden
Dennison, Matthew
     Title: Man in the Willows: The Life of Kenneth Grahame
Dutcher, Jim
     Title: Wisdom of Wolves
Gerald, Casey
     Title: There Will Be No Miracles Here
Humes, Edward
     Title: Burned
Iftin, Abdi Nor
     Title: Call Me American
Klinenberg, Eric
     Title: Palaces for the People
Melville, Wilma
     Title: Hero Dogs
Morhard, Ruth Hanford
     Title: Mrs. Morhard and the Boys
Powell, Tia
     Title: Dementia Reimagined
Sheff, David
     Title: Beautiful Boy
Sinise, Gary
     Title: Grateful American
Van Hemert, Caroline
     Title: Sun is a Compass
Wilson-Lee, Edward
     Title: Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books
Winfrey, Oprah
     Title: Path Made Clear

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