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A List
     By: Jance, J.A.
Celtic Empire
     By: Cussler, Clive
Dark Tribute
     By: Johansen, Iris
Deep Harbor
     By: Michaels, Fern
Early Riser
     By: Fforde, Jasper
     By: Rowley, Steven
     By: Bennett, Robert Jackson
     By: Quinn, Kate
In A House of Lies
     By: Rankin, Ian
Island of Sea Women
     By: See, Lisa
Last Second
     By: Coulter, Catherine
Magnolia Inn
     By: Brown, Carolyn
Malta Exchange
     By: Berry, Steve
Miss Julia Takes the Wheel
     By: Ross, Ann B.
Overnight Kidnapper
     By: Camilleri, Andrea
Peacock Emporium
     By: Moyes, Jojo
Perfect Alibi
     By: Margolin, Phillip
Run Away
     By: Coben, Harlan
     By: Frances, Michelle
Triple Jeopardy
     By: Perry, Anne
Two Weeks
     By: Kingsbury, Karen
Vanishing Man
     By: Finch, Charles
Victory Garden
     By: Bowen, Rhys
When All Is Said
     By: Griffin, Anne
Wild Card
     By: Woods, Stuart
Willing Murder
     By: Deveraux, Jude
Wolf and the Watchman
     By: Natt och Dag, Niklas
Wolf Pack
     By: Box, C.J.

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