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Author & Title
Allende, Isabel
     Title: Long Petal of the Sea
Brown, Rita Mae
     Title: Scarlet Fever
Camden, Elizabeth
     Title: Desperate Hope
Caroll, Robin
     Title: Darkwater Lies
Caroll, Robin
     Title: Darkwater Secrets
Carr, Robyn
     Title: Country Guesthouse
David, Julia
     Title: Love Covers: Elias
Day, Sylvia
     Title: Butterfly in Frost
Gerritsen, Tess
     Title: Shape of Night
Griffin, Laura
     Title: Her Deadly Secrets
Krentz, Jayne Ann
     Title: Vanishing
     Title: Ruin
Metz, Melinda
     Title: Mac on a Hot Tin Roof
Morgenstern, Erin
     Title: Starless Sea
Patterson, James
     Title: River Murders
Petrie, Nick
     Title: Wild One
Ryan, Jennifer
     Title: Spies of Shilling Lane
Steel, Danielle
     Title: Moral Compass
Wait, Lea
     Title: Thread and Buried
White, Karen
     Title: Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street
Whitlow, Robert
     Title: Promised Land
Wise, Virginia
     Title: Where the Heart Take You
Woods, Stuart
     Title: Treason

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