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Archer, Jeffrey
     Title: Heads you Win
Baldacci, David
     Title: Long Road to Mercy
Berenson, Laurien
     Title: Wagging Through the Snow
Carey, Edward
     Title: Little: A Novel
Chiaverini, Jennifer
     Title: Enchantress of Numbers
Child, Lee
     Title: Past Tense
Clark, Mary Higgins
     Title: You Don't Own Me
Clipston, Amy
     Title: A Seat by the Hearth
Coes, Ben
     Title: Bloody Sunday
Edugyan, Esi
     Title: Washington Black
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
     Title: Christmas At Rose Hill Farm
Forsyth, Frederick
     Title: Fox
Galbraith, Robert
     Title: Lethal White
Gear, W. Michael
     Title: Flight of the Hawk: The River
Grisham, John
     Title: Reckoning
Hawker, Olivia
     Title: Ragged Edge of Night
Hedlund, Jody
     Title: Searching For You
Hosseini, Khaled
     Title: Sea Prayer
Jennings, Regina
     Title: Lieutenant's Bargain
Johansen, Iris
     Title: Vendetta
Johnstone, William W.
     Title: Legend of Perley Gates
Johnstone, William W.
     Title: Preacher's Kill
Karon, Jan
     Title: Bathed in Prayer
King, Stephen
     Title: Elevation
Kingsbury, Karen
     Title: When we were Young
Kingsolver, Barbara
     Title: Unsheltered
Leslie, Frank
     Title: Revenger
Mehl, Nancy
     Title: Mind Games
Miles, Jonathan
     Title: Anatomy of a Miracle
Miller, Louise
     Title: Late Bloomer's Club
Moretti, Kate
     Title: In Her Bones
Moriarty, Liane
     Title: Nine Perfect Strangers
Penny, Louise
     Title: Kingdom of the Blind
Perry, Anne
     Title: A Christmas Revelation
Rose, M.J.
     Title: Tiffany Blues
Rosnay De, Tatiana
     Title: Rain Watcher
Spillane, Mickey
     Title: Bloody Spur
Steel, Danielle
     Title: Beauchamp Hall
Thomas, Jodi
     Title: Indigo Lake
Thompson, Victoria
     Title: City of Secrets
Vaughan, Robert
     Title: Long Road to Abilene
Woods, Stuart
     Title: Desperate Measures

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