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Author & Title
Ashley, Jennifer
     Title: Death in Kew Gardens
Ashley, Jennifer
     Title: Scandal Above Stairs
Berenson, Laurien
     Title: Bite Club
Brown, Carolyn
     Title: Perfect Dress
Coulter, Catherine
     Title: Labyrinth
Crais, Robert
     Title: Dangerous Man
Flower, Amanda
     Title: Premeditated Peppermint
Hedlund, Jody
     Title: Reluctant Bride
Jackson, Lisa
     Title: Paranoid
Jeffries, Sabrina
     Title: Project Duchess
Lindsay, Johanna
     Title: Temptation's Darling
Macomber, Debbie
     Title: Window on the Bay
Mehl, Nancy
     Title: Fire Storm
Russo, Richard
     Title: Chances Are...
Silva, Daniel
     Title: New Girl
Teller, Danielle
     Title: All the Ever Afters
Thayer, Nancy
     Title: Surfside Sisters
Thomas, Jodi
     Title: Little Teashop on Main
Tracy, Ann B.
     Title: Leviathan Rising
Ware, Ruth
     Title: Turn of the Key

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