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Author & Title
Benedict, Marie
     Title: Only Woman in the Room
Brown, Rita Mae
     Title: Whiskers in the Dark
Chiaverini, Jennifer
     Title: Resistance Women
Cussler, Clive
     Title: Oracle
Deaver, Jeffery
     Title: Never Game
Delany, Vicki
     Title: Scandal in Scarlet
Dugoni, Robert
     Title: Eighth Sister
Eggers, Dave
     Title: Parade
Evanovich, Janet
     Title: Big Kahuna
Evans, Richard Paul
     Title: Road Home
Green, Jane
     Title: Friends We Keep
Hoang, Helen
     Title: Bride Test
Jackson, Lisa
     Title: Willing to Die
Johnstone, William W.
     Title: Flintlock: Pitchfork Pass
Knott, Robert
     Title: Robert B. Parker's Buckskin
Koontz, Dean
     Title: Night Window
Lee, Sharon
     Title: Liaden Universe Constellation Vol. 4
Lundberg, Sofia
     Title: Red Address Book
Martin, L.J.
     Title: Mojave Showdown
McCoy, Sarah
     Title: Marilla of Green Gables
Miller, Linda Lael
     Title: Yankee Widow
Nesbitt, John D.
     Title: Castle Butte
Patterson, James
     Title: 18th Abduction
Peterson, Tracie
     Title: When You Are Near
Phillips, Julia
     Title: Disappearing Earth
Quick, Amanda
     Title: Tightrope
Richardson, Kim Michele
     Title: Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Rumney, Hazel
     Title: Trading Post and Other Frontier Stories
Sanford, John
     Title: Neon Prey
Steel, Danielle
     Title: Blessing in Disguise
Stewart, Mariah
     Title: Goodbye Cafe
Thayne, RaeAnne
     Title: Cliff House
Thompson, Victoria
     Title: Murder on Trinity Place
Vuong, Ocean
     Title: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous
Warren, Mark
     Title: Adobe Moon
Weir, Meghan MacLean
     Title: Book of Essie
Wendelboe, C.M.
     Title: Backed to the Wall
Woods, Stuart
     Title: Skin Game
Wright, Jamie Jo
     Title: Curse of Misty Wayfair
Wright, Jamie Jo
     Title: Reckoning at Gossamer Pond

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