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Author & Title
Ashley, Jennifer
     Title: Death Below Stairs
Atkins, Ace
     Title: Robert B. Parker's Angel Eyes
Baldacci, David
     Title: Minute to Midnight
Blakely, Mike
     Title: Sinister Splendor
Cameron, Marc
     Title: Tom Clancy: Code of Honor
Carr, Jack
     Title: True Believer
Cass, Laurie
     Title: Booking the Crook
Child, Lee
     Title: Blue Moon
Clark, Mary Higgins
     Title: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry
Connelly, Michael
     Title: Night Fire
Cook, Robin
     Title: Genesis
Crummey, Michael
     Title: Innocents
Cussler, Clive
     Title: Final Option
DeMille, Nelson
     Title: Deserter
Estleman, Loren D.
     Title: Wild Justice
Gross, Andrew
     Title: Fifth Column
Guillory, Jasmine
     Title: Royal Holiday
Hunt, Greg
     Title: Exiles
Johnstone, William W.
     Title: Jackals
Johnstone, William W.
     Title: Torture of the Mountain Man
Kinsella, Sophie
     Title: Christmas Shopaholic
Le Carre, John
     Title: Agent Running in the Field
Lee, Sharon
     Title: Accepting the Lance
McCall Smith, Alexander
     Title: To the Land of Long Lost Friends
Perry, Anne
     Title: Christmas Gathering
Richards, Dusty
     Title: Rage for Vengeance
Roberts, Nora
     Title: Rise of Magicks
Ryan, W. C.
     Title: House of Ghosts
Thayer, Nancy
     Title: Let It Snow
Toro, Guillermo del
     Title: Shape of Water
Whitlow, Robert
     Title: Chosen People
Woods, Stuart
     Title: Stealth

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