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Author & Title
Afshar, Tessa
     Title: Daughter of Rome
Beck, Jamie
     Title: Memory of You
Beck, Jamie
     Title: Promise of Us
Beck, Jamie
     Title: Wonder of Now
Berry, Steve
     Title: Warsaw Protocol
Box, C.J.
     Title: Long Range
Bybee, Catherine
     Title: Faking Forever
Clancy, Tom
     Title: Net Force: Dark Web
Crummey, Michael
     Title: Innocents
Dallas, Sandra
     Title: Westering Women
Dempsey, Joan
     Title: This Is How It Begins
Fellowes, Jessica
     Title: Mitford Scandal
Fyffe, Caroline
     Title: American Duchess
Galloway, Marcus
     Title: It All Goes Around
Galloway, Marcus
     Title: Too Good To Be True
Green, Jocelyn
     Title: Veiled in Smoke
Grippando, James
     Title: Big Lie
Hunt, Greg
     Title: Renegades
Isaacs, Susan
     Title: Takes One to Know One
James, Steven
     Title: Synapse
Johnstone, William W.
     Title: MacCallister: Stranglehold
Kleypas, Lisa
     Title: Chasing Cassandra
Kubica, Mary
     Title: Other Mrs.
Levangie, Gigi
     Title: Been There, Married That
Lloyd, Catherine
     Title: Death Comes to the Nursery
Long, Kelly
     Title: Amish Bride of Ice Mountain
Long, Kelly
     Title: Amish Courtship on Ice Mountain
Long, Kelly
     Title: Amish Heart of Ice Mountain
Long, Kelly
     Title: Amish Man of Ice Mountain
Mallery, Susan
     Title: Sisters By Choice
Morais, Richard C.
     Title: Man With No Borders
Patterson, James
     Title: Blindside
Raisin, Rebecca
     Title: Little Bookshop on the Seine
Robinson, Steve
     Title: Penmaker's Wife
Spillane, Mickey
     Title: Last Stage to Hell Junction
Steel, Danielle
     Title: Numbers Game
Threadgill, Tom
     Title: Collision of Lies
Warren, Mark
     Title: Born to the Badge
Wolff, Jake
     Title: History of Living Forever
Zimmer, Michael
     Title: Hard Ride Across Texas

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