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Author & Title
Archer, Jeffrey
     Title: Nothing Ventured
Bybee, Catherine
     Title: Half Empty
Castillo, Linda
     Title: Shamed
Caverly, Tim
     Title: Ranger's Wife
Chevalier, Tracy
     Title: Single Thread
Cleeves, Ann
     Title: Long Call
Coes, Ben
     Title: Russian
Cornwell, Patricia
     Title: Quantum
Cussler, Clive
     Title: Titanic Secret
Evans, Richard Paul
     Title: Noel Stranger
Frederick, Michael
     Title: Bunny Love
Howe, Katherine
     Title: Daughters of Temperance Hobbs
Jio, Sarah
     Title: All the Flowers in Paris
King, Stephen
     Title: Institute
McKinlay, Jenn
     Title: Word to the Wise
Moyes, Jojo
     Title: Giver of Stars
Patchett, Ann
     Title: Dutch House
Patterson, James
     Title: 19th Christmas
Patterson, James
     Title: 19th Christmas
Perry, Anne
     Title: Death in Focus
Sandford, John
     Title: Bloody Genius
Scott, J.S.
     Title: Entangled
Wait, Lea
     Title: Thread on Arrival
Whitehead, Colson
     Title: Nickel Boys
Woodson, Jacqueline
     Title: Red at the Bone

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