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About The Database

The Cary Library Genealogy Database includes historical genealogical information from Houlton, Maine (USA) and its surrounding communities in the Southern Aroostook County area. In providing this genealogy database, The Cary Library strives to better serve our patrons and guests in researching their Houlton area ancestry.

We were provided the opportunity to create this database through a grant. With the generous support of our patrons and visitors who use our genealogy resources, we are able to continue to add to the database. It is still growing, and at over 21,000 unique records it has become an excellent resource to our community! The database includes birth, marriage and death records from historical town records, as well as gravestone information from local cemeteries which we have meticulously compiled. We have made every effort to transcribe the information as accurately as possible. You may find mis-spellings of names and places. Please note that we have chosen NOT to correct mis-spellings in original documents. This was done in order to completely preserve the data within the document itself. Most mis-spellings you will find are a result of what was actually printed or written on the original source document. Many handwritten source documents are very difficult to read. If you feel we have made an error in processing these records, please email corrections to the librarian, who will research and edit the records accordingly.

The database is searchable in two basic methods: via primary record fields which implements the Russel Soundex algorithm to try and match all possible family surnames to your query, and via secondary (advanced) fields in which some or all fields are examined for your query. This results in very powerful search capabilities. A person can use this database if they only know the spouse or child's name of the person they are looking for. Similarly, if the name is spelled incorrectly on documents, but "sounds" the same, which happened quite often, then the record should also be retrieved.

The Cary Library, Houlton ME accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this database or the information contained herein. The information provided in this database is provided solely for genealogical ancestry research. All other use is strictly prohibited. By using this database you agree to the terms and conditions provided here.
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