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The Family of



b: 1861

At age 18, worked for the John E Godfrey family in Bangor ME as noted in the 1880 National Census for the town of Bangor Penobscot Co ME

Grand-son William Abbott (parents William W & Alice (Burrill) Abbott d: during the USA national flu epidemic in 1918*): graduated from John Bapst HS, Bangor ME, had an early calling to the seminary, 1936 (interrupted), worked at the Merchants National Bank, Bangor ME for several years, entered St Josephs Seraphic Seminary, Callicoon, NY, 1941, Ordained Fr Canisius Joseph Abbott, OFM (Franciscan), b: 7 July 1917, Received 12 August 1944, Professed 14 August 1945, Ordained: 11 June 1950, celebrated his first solemn high Mass at St Mary's RCC Bangor ME, Sunday 10 June 1950 d: 17 June 1975 (severly infirmed during his last years); served 25 years: St Bonaventures Col, St Bonaventures NY; Providence Col, Providence RI as pastoral priest and friar, brother John Costello & cousin Wilfred Donovan attended the funeral services

* "Spanish Flu": Influenza, an acute viral infection, occured world wide, 1918-21, many thousands died, thought to have originated with swine, spread to humans who had no natural immunity, then spread by migrating fowl world wide. Had nothing to do with the Spanish.


m: William Abbott

d: Date & gravesite unknown




1863, Woodstock NB Canada

" On this twenty fourth of February eighteen hundred and sixty four I have baptized Edward Michael aged four months born of the lawful marriage of William Lafferty and Kelly. Richard Crabb and Catherine Murphy? being sponsors." From the records of St Gertrudes RCCh Woodstock NB Canada, Tho. Crowlet, Pastor.

Storekeeper, delivered mail, postmaster, Benton NB Canada; communicant of St Agnes RCCh, Debec, NB Canada; payed his pew rent & contributed money for oats during 1889-1898; migrated (1918) to Salem MA USA


Margaret E Denning; 24 April 1895... ( b: NB Canada; d: 19 June 1936, age 63 years, Salem MA USA, cause: liver cancer, interred St Marys RCCem, Salem MA USA, informant: Anna Laverty of Salem MA)


1 December 1940, age 78 years, Salem MA USA, cause: myocardial insufficiency; interred: St Marys RCCem. Salem MA USA, informant: Anna Laverty of Salem MA

10 Kids:

Walter Edward, 10 January 1896, Benton NB-?

Henry Leo, 22 June 1897, Benton NB-?

John Cosmas, 27 September 1900, Benton NB-?

Margaret Hazel, 24 September 1902-?.... m: Wilfred Fraser, 3 February 1929, St James Church RCCh, Salem MA

William Eldon, 19 August 1903-1 January 1991.... m: Margaret McCabe, Corpus Christi RCCh, Mineola NY.... SSN-016-09-2469

Vaughan John , 19 August 1904 (NB Canada)-15 April 1969 m: Anna Lischook, 27 January 1929, St James RCCh, Salem MA.... lived in Detroit MI; worked for GM 3 kids.... James (owned restaurant chain, d: 29 May 2K, see euology following).... Kathleen, b: 14 Jan 1947 & Eileen, b: 12 June 1949

James Vaughan “Mr. Jim” Laverty

Jan 8th,1930- May 29th,2000

Naum and Titianna Liston came to the United States from Russia in 1904 and settled their family in Peabody, Massachusetts.

He was a farmer and a gardener, and also worked in a shoe factory. One of Naum’s children was named Anna Margaret.

Around the same time, Edward Laverty (Mr. Jim’s Grand father) and his wife Margaret came to Canada from Ireland. One of his twelve children was a son named Vaughan John Laverty (Mr Jim’s Dad). He was born in Canada. Soon after moving to Canada, Edward moved the entire family to Salem, Massachusetts.

It was at a dance that Mr Jim’s parents, Vaughan John Laverty and Anna Margaret Liston, met. They were married just 6 weeks later. What a combination…Irish and Russian! Vaughan and Anna moved to a neighborhood on the East Side of Detroit Michigan. Vaughan went to work for General Motors as a Tool and Die Tradesman. They had a son named James Vaughan Laverty in 1930. Jim was their only child for nearly 20 years. And as you can expect, he was spoiled rotten.

He was a real character always hamming it up for pictures and at family outings. From the very beginning, Jim loved the water. There are many pictures and videos of little Jim and his even smaller cousin Jimmy Liston swimming and fishing in the summer sun. Jim later attended a college prep school named Catholic Central Boys School and graduated from high school in 1948.

His sister Kathleen was born on Jan 14th, 1947. She grew up to be a nurse and a caring mother. His second sister Eileen was born on June 12th, 1949. She became a school teacher, artist, and wonderful mother.

Jim was a very strong influence and leader in the Laverty family. Not only because he was the eldest son -- but because he was creative enough to handled situations that others could not. He was always there for them! He traveled the country for a couple of years - from St Petersburg, Florida to New York City - training to be a professional chef. Mr. Jim joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1950 during the Korean War. He was a cook and a Drill Sergeant. He was very proud of his Marine Corp years.

He left the service in 1953 to attend Wayne State University in Michigan and was active in the Newman’s Club, a Catholic association for students. While at one of the Newman Club meetings, he met Margaret Mary Brogley. After dating a year, they had a beautiful wedding on June 19th, 1957. A year later, he graduated Wayne State University with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. The couple moved to Cincinnati shortly after graduation and Jim took a job as Manager and Operations Partner in Tad’s Steakhouse in downtown Cincinnati.

They had their first son, Thomas Xavier in 1959, followed by a little girl named Mary Margaret in 1960. Mom often took the kids to Tad’s Steakhouse to watch their Dad in action. In 1962, they had another little girl named Elizabeth Ann. Jim was ready to branch out and created a business of his own. He was a dreamer and he put his dream into action.

He founded Mr. Jim’s Steakhouse in 1963. The first restaurant was in Roselawn on Reading Road. Ten more Steakhouses were eventually opened across Ohio and Kentucky to include Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Jim and Maggie had another little boy named John Patrick in 1964, named “John” due to their love of JFK. Maggie was a wonderful mother and also a savvy business partner. She often worked long hours at Mr. Jim’s right along side of Jim. AND she brought the kids along to help. This is when the kids got their first hint of how to run a restaurant. The children were kept busy – helping to butter garlic bread or cutting berries for the fresh pies. It was truly a family business and we all loved it! All the kids thought they were making a lot of money when their Dad paid each of them $1.50 for an afternoon’s work. Little did they know!

Then, last but not least, little baby brother Terrence James was born in 1965. He was Jim’s spitting image and luckily had his personality too! The family moved to Indian Hill from Hyde Park in 1968. Jim bought his kids horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, and little baby chicks (which the kids killed by holding them all the time). He loved the outdoors and often took all the kids on hikes throughout the woods. Jim loved to cook out and have Sunday dinners together with the family. Every Sunday after Church, the kids would either watch their Mom and Dad cook a scrumptious meal or go out for Chinese food – depending on how much patience they had that day. Think about it – 5 kids, all under 7 years old in a sit down restaurant! It was a challenge! After working all week, the weekends were playtime! Jim took the kids canoeing, sailing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, or just playing in the back yard. Jim loved the water and just about every summer, he took the family on vacation: Traverse City, Michigan; St. Petersburg, Florida; Ft Lauderdale, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – just to name a few! They had so much fun on the beach!

In 1971, he opened the Mr. Jim’s Steakhouse on the University of Cincinnati Campus - the only steakhouse still open. Maggie and Jim parted ways in 1980, but to this day, they kept their respect and friendship alive. Jim created a place at U.C. that students loved to eat at and hang out. His menus always contained fresh meats, salads, desserts, and great coffee! His sons, Tom, John, and Terry, carry on his tradition! They are a wonderful team and Jim was so incredibly proud of them!

Jim met Betsey in 1990. From the moment they met they were very good friends. They dated for some time, friendship developed into love, and they were happily married in 1998. They were very happy and so much enjoyed spending time together. Jim loved the YMCA and swam there every single day. Betsey would often join him there for his afternoon workout. He also enjoyed reading the New Yorker and New York Times religiously! Jim loved a good joke – but sometimes told bad ones. Lisa, his daughter-in-law whom he loved like his own, called him regularly to feed him new jokes. He liked to debate and philosophize about life and politics. Jim loved his garden and often spent all day hand pruning each individual plant. Betsey would help him in the garden – they were a great team. Another part of his daily routine was practicing yoga and meditation. Jim loved driving his convertible mustang with Betsey. They enjoyed going for a drive with the top down and the wind in their hair…free and easy. He loved her so much! Jim always wanted tons of grandchildren.

His daughter, Mary, had a son, Christopher James, in 1984. He was the only grandchild for 15 years until this past year. This drove him crazy! Jim used to try and bribe his kids for the longest time – “have a grandkid and I’ll give you $10,000.” Uh-oh! Then, by the grace of God, he was blessed with four more in the past year! He loved Justin and Jon – they are a lot like him – always on the go! He truly loved his first-ever granddaughter, Julia, cute as can be. And, last but not least, Joseph, his 7-month-old grandson and cutie pie! Jim’s legacies are his kids and their kids. He raised them to stand on their own. He often told them when they were kids, you can do ANYTHING you set your minds to. Betsey was Jim’s “anchor and best friend.” Jim said, “Betsey was a heavy hitter, home run, so cool, accepts me and never criticizes.” Jim loved to laugh! Jim was unpretentious and generous to a fault. He was extremely intelligent and a great teacher to everyone he met. He was a nicely dressed man and really enjoyed wearing bow ties. He had about 40 of them.

Lastly, there was never a dull moment with Mr. Jim – fun and on the go – Mr. Jim to a “T”!Jim gave this blessing at his daughter, Mary’s wedding. It was one of his all time favorites….Irish blessing taken from Romans 15:13May the Road rise to meet you And may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm up on your face. May the rain fall soft up on your field. And ‘till we meet again,May God hold you in the palm of his hand. May the God of all hope, Fill you with joy and peace in believing, So that you may abound by the power of the Holy Spirit

Hannah Francis Jane, 11 July 1906-23 April 1910 interred: RCCem Debec NB

Wilfred Laurence, 28 September 1907-7 March 1908 interred RCCem Debec NB

Mary Adelaide, 16 March 1909-?

Elizabeth Edith , 22 December 1910-?


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