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CHILDREN:... |John F| Maude| Alice| Frank| Clara| Peter| Mary|


1848, Belfast Academy Grant (Ludlow ME); baptized 30 March 1848, St Mary's RCCh, Houlton ME

"From the Marshall County Historical Society compiled by Jack & Josie Haggerty in 1979: Frank Haggerty was born in Belfast Academy Grant, now Ludlow ME, near Houlton ME. His parents were born in Co Donegal, Ireland and later came to ME USA. He met and married Catherine Abernathy, 1850-1927. Catherine was born in Woodstock NB Canada on March 19, 1850. When she was six yesrs old, she moved with her parents to Houlton ME where she grew to womanhood. She was of English decent. In 1881 Catherine and Frank moved west to Stillwater, MN where they settled on a farm. In 1883 they moved to Traverse County where they settled on a another farm near Beardsley, MN (land records state, that Frank on 19 January 1884 owned 160 acres of "homestead" in what is now Section 29 of Arthur Township.

From a fellow internet'er: "This section (#29) is in the far western central corner of MN. It is in Traverse County, Arthur Township. Section 29 is about 4 miles east of the town of Browns Valley (pop 804) which is on the continental devide i.e. both the Minnesota and Red Rivers start here, one to the Gulf of Mexico and the other to Hudson Bay. I've never been out there but I think that its about as flat as it can get. The NW portion of Section 29 is now part of a "Waterfown Area."

Around the year 1893, Frank left Catherine and their five children and moved to Bemidji, MN where he worked in a lumber camp. It is believed that he died there (date unknown). Catherine loaded her possessions and her five children into a lumber wagon and moved to Sisseton, SD where Catherine became the proprietor of a hotel. This hotel was mostly a boarding house for men. In the year 1897 she sold that hotel and erected a new building where she operated a first class hotel. called the Commercial Hotel, and enjoyed a large patronage. The Commercial Hotel was a beautiful building that was surrounded by a pillared porch. This is where she remained until she died on July 8, 1927. Catherine is buried in Beardsley, MN, St Mary's Cemetery. Her tombstone is located about fifteen feet directly from the front gate. According to newspaper clippings sent from Dorothy Haggerty/Jensen, Catherine Haggerty died at the home of her daughters, Mesdames Holland and Pearson, ten miles west of Sisseton. Dorothy Haggerty/Jensen has corrected that information with the following "I remember my grandmother's death at our farm out of Sisseton. We kids always said our prayers at Grandma's lap and I remember her asking us to pray for her death the night or so before she died. I also recall how I felt. This was such a terrible request. I was only about 61/2 years old". The funeral services were held at the home of her daughter, Mrs Maud Pearson in Drywood Lake Township and at the Catholic church in Beardsley, Minnesota to which place the remains were taken and buried in the family lot in Beardsley cemetery. The article refers to her as ""a woman with a heart of gold, her generosity knew no bounds and she never turned a deaf ear to the needy and afflicted"".

Taken from the Browns Valley paper: "100 years ago, May 16, 1889 - Frank Haggerty and Thos Crawford, of Arthur, went to Fergus Falls last week to attend a land contest trial, in which Frank has contested a tree claim"

"Their 7 children listed chronologically were, John, Maud, Alice, Francis Leo (Frank), Clara, Mary (died January 5, 1880-4 days old) and Peter (died November 21, 1883 at age of 7 months)

|PIX: Frank & family|

|PIX: Haggerty Family Reunion, nr Seattle WA, 1999|


Catherine Abernathy , 14 August 1871 (date of their m: intensions per town records), Houlton ME

Town of Houlton ME records..."Houlton August 14, 1871, marriage is intended between Mr Frank Hagerty of Littleton and Miss Catherine Abnethy of Houlton, both in Aroostook Co... signed Hadley Fairfield, Town Clerk"

                  John F Haggerty  m: Mary Fonder
                    1872-1925           1875-1922
                  Maude Haggerty   m: Robert Pierson
                    1878-1930           ??
                  Alice Haggerty   m: Wilford Holland
                    1884-1962           1880-1962
                  Frank Haggerty   m: Lottie Welch
                    1886-1959           1897-1996 
                  Clara Haggerty   m: _____ Wells
                    1888-1965           ??
                  Peter Haggerty   d: young
                  Mary Haggerty    d: young


Possibly in Bremidji MN, date & place of interment unknown, no record

JOHN F, b: ME 19 April 1872; his early manhood was spent logging down the Columbia River in Portland OR. ------ He also spent some time searching for gold in the Klondike gold rush ---- Later he moved to a farm in Beardsley MN with his parents, where the lived until the opening of the Sisseton Reservation which was their next move ---- John married MARY FONDER on January 1,1896. Mary Fonder 1875-1922 was born March 5, 1875 in Green Bay WI, moving with her parents to SD when she was ten years old. ---- For a period of time John & Mary had a butcher shop and a small bakery in Sisseton SD ---- While living in Sisseton, John became a member of the first volunteer fire department. He was the chemical manager for the fire department ---- In 1898, they took a homestead in Veblen SD area. They lived in a sod shanty in the side of a hill until they could build a house. John knew and at times helped hide-out some of the "west's" notorious outlaws such as Frank James and Billy-the-Kid. ---- He was referred to as a man with a lot of wit and possessed a wonderful sense of humor. One time he was thanked at a church dinner and asked why he had helped out a neighbor, Mr Olsen, "He only did it because Mr Olsen was the only guy around he could lick" ---- John died January 3, 1925 from cancer of the throat. Mary died November 1, 1922 from heart and kidney trouble after a long period of suffering. They are both buried in the Veblen/Hillhead area.   

MAUDE (1878-1930) was born in Houlton ME(?) in 1878 ---- married ROBERT PEARSON , an attorney, from Sisseton SD --- they both d: young, she of a heart attack at age 52. ---- Two sons, Harry & Arnold   

MARY (1880-1880) d: young   

PETER (1883-1883) d: young   

ALICE (1884-1962) ---- b: 1884 Beardsley MN ---- m: WILFORD HOLLAND (1880-1962). He was a MT banker. ---- Alice worked some years at the Haggerty Commercial Hotel; loved acting, never pursued it, dressed her kids in the latest fashions. ---- Their son, William b; 8 December 1910 in Stanley ND ---- Alice, at 78 years, d: 25 August 1962, in Sisseton, from an enlarged heart & circulatory problems at the home of her son William. ---- Wilford, at 82 years, d: 17 august1962, Houston TX where he was a shipyard supervisory worker.   

FRANCIS LEO (Frank), 1886-1959, b: 10 August 1886, Aurthur Township at Beardsley MN ---- m: LOTTIE WELSH ---- d: 25 August 1959, Aberdeen WA, coronary thrombosis; interred at Ft Snelling National Cem, Minn, MN ---- was the hotel keeper at the Commercial Hotel, owned by his mother, in Sisseton SD ---- was a farmer ---- moved to many locations in CA, SD, MN, WA.   

CLARA (1888-1965) ---- b: Beardsley Mn 13 March 1888 --- d: 5 February 1965 ---- m: Mr WELLS for a short period, no kids --- worked & traveled through out the USA with the "101 Ranch Show", a traveling rodeo, rode horse ---- stroke crippled at age 36 ---- d: at 77 years.   

x. _____ Haggerty  m: Mary _____
     ??                 1783-1857

1. Peter Haggerty  m: Nancy McGuire
     1808-1881          1808-1886 
    2. Frank Haggerty  m: Catherine Abernathy
          1848-1906+         1850 Canada-1927 USA             

          3. John F Haggerty m: Mary Fonder 
               1872-1925          1875-1922   {return}
               4. Eldred/Slim Peter Haggerty m: Nafie Abraham
                    1896-1970               1897-1950 
                    He: served in WW1, farmed & trapped for many 
                    years in SD, m: Nafie Abraham, 11Nov1919, who
                    subsequently d: 16Dec1950,pituitary insufficiency, 
                    had 6 kids, retired, sold his farm to his kids,
                    re-married to Lottie Welch Haggerty, the widow of
                    his Uncle Frank Haggerty, d: 26Apr1970, emphysema,
                    heart failure. Lottie resides in Tacoma WA.

                    5. Magel Mary Haggerty  m: Robert Juran 
                         1921-1989          1919-

                         She: from Marshall Co SD ... attended
                         Northern State in Aberdeen SD ... taught
                         school at Red Iron District ... worked 
                         in CA at Douglas Aircraft during WW2 ... 
                         m: Robert Juran, 9Jul1946, 4 kids ...  
                         moved back to the family farm, 1948 ...
                         b: 11Oct1921, d: 13Sep1989, cardiac arrest

                         6. Vickie Mae Juran, b: 11Jan1948,
                              m: Dennis Didreckson
                              7. Justin Didreckson, b: 2Mar1980
                         6. Larry Robert Juran,
                              b: 4Mar1952-1Aug1971, hosp death
                         6. Cynthia Ann Juran, b: 9Jan1954, 
                              CPA, m: Keith Steven Werges
                              7. Alexandra Werges
                              7. Brittany Werges
                         6. Alan Wayne, 
                            b: 22Jul1960, d: 24Jan1990, heart attack 

                    5. Delores Angeline Haggerty  m: Galen Armstrong

                         She: also attended Northern State, SD ... 
                         taught school in Marshall Co ... "riveted" 
                         for Douglas aircraft CA during WW2, stayed
                         there 20 years as an inspector ... m: Galen 
                         (Mike) Armstrong, owner of the Bee Hive 
                         Tavern, Lomita CA, 5 kids ...  b: 5May1923,
                         d: 22Feb1983, cancer
                         6. Baby boy, SIDS victum 
                         6. Stillborn boy
                         6. Sherry Lynn Armstrong,
                            b: 15May1952, CPL for Co Assessor
                         6. Michael Armstrong, b: 13Oct1959, employ: 
                            Dow Chem, m: Debra Mascola, one son:
                         6. Keith Kevin Armstrong, b: 10Dec1961, 
                            attended col, coached football, works 
                            in construction                        

                    5. Wayne/Bud Peter Haggerty  m: Gloria Neiland Martin 

                         Bud farmed, drove a cattle truck for LLoyd
                         Waite, worked in construction, medically 
                         discharged from Korean War service, m: 
                         Gloria Neiland Martin, a widow from the
                         Korean War, 1955, moved to a number of
                         places in CA & WA, worked 30 years for
                         State of WA in road construction, 4 kids
                         ... b: 23Nov1924, d: 23Mar1992, interred 
                         at Gig Harbor

                         6. David Wayne Haggerty m: Jeanette Ann Guddat

                              he: warehouse supervisor, b: 30Jun 1956, 
                              she: banking rep 
                              7. Stephanie Haggerty
                              7. Melissa Haggerty

                         6. Donald Peter Haggerty, 
                            b: 9Aug1957, d: at birth

                         6. Barry Kent Haggerty,
                            b: 31Jan1960, cerebal palsy, lives
                            at Yakima Valley School, Selah WA

                         6. Dawn Marie Beth Haggerty,
                            b:26Feb1968, honor student at Gig Harbor 
                            HS, employed at a Gig Harbor grocery store

                    5. Thomas/Jake Eldred Haggerty 

                         Farmed off&on a good part of his life, was
                         employed by St Regis Pulp & Paper, purchased 
                         & managed rental property, b: 24Dec1926, 
                         d: suddenly, 17May1968.

                    5. Baby Boy Haggerty 

                    5. Edmund James Haggerty 

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